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cleric of selune 5e

The kindness of Selûne is legendary to those interested in the lore of Dungeons & Dragons 5E. The goddess of the moon in the Forgotten Realms, she has historically brought joy and wisdom to those who seek her blessing. Not only is her form approachable by all living things – from Good Werewolves to farmhands – but she is often seen by members of her clergy and travelers alike. If this goddess interests you, then we can tell you what the best domain options are in this Cleric of Selune 5E quick guide!

Best Domains for a Cleric of Selûne 5e

As the goddess of the moon, Selûne pulls two major roles; protector and mentor. Because of that, her Clerics are designed to preserve life and provide guidance to those who seek it.

Selûne is a goddess that watches over travelers, so most adventurers should consider worship to this goddess. However, these archetypes work best if you want to be fully dedicated to the Moon of the Forgotten Realms.


Knowledge Clerics cover the Guidance aspects of Selûne. These clerics are mentors, and carefully read all astral signs to ensure that they are correct in their results. 

If they do not learn something from the stars, they know it from word of mouth. Like all Clerics of Selûne, Knowledge-bent clerics of her will travel and explore the world, wherever the Moon brings them, to see what they can learn next.

These Clerics tend to be older, similar to the ghostly figure that Selûne often strikes when she dances among mortals. Their age does not restrict them from using their magic, or from wandering into melee; Selûne herself knows how important protecting yourself is during travels.

Selûne Clerics of Knowledge must be ready to be approached by all beings. Unlike more intimidating gods, Selûne’s guidance is gentle and compassionate. Thus, even the most common man must be cared for and given advice.


Life Clerics of Selûne are focused around her compassion and tribe building aspects. These Clerics are critical to any community, be it a group of adventurers or an entire city.

The life-giving energy of the Moon is legendary, though perhaps not as much as her compassion and guidance. While Clerics of Life may be concentrated on their healing, they may also be expected to give some advice. This advice can be as simple as ways to avoid taking the same injury, or basic medicinal information. Anything to aid a traveler who might encounter many different foes along their journey.


The thematic choice, Twilight Clerics of Selûne are by far the most applicable to all aspects of the Goddess. They are leaders by their holy twilight, healers by their magic, and protectors with their shields and guiding light.

Selûne clerics have an incredible amount of sway over the clergy, being essentially a direct emissary of Selûne herself. Their Twilight Sanctuary ability can be used outside of combat as a symbol of their godly grace. They can even fly while infused with the night sky, allowing them to “ascend” when needed.

However, Twilight Clercs of Selûne have perhaps the largest responsibility of the Cleric Domains to her edicts. Because of that, these clerics should be wise and generous. They do not need to grant mercy to all they come across, but those who could become valuable members of the community should be given a second chance. These are the heads of her basic Clergy and thus must make sure she is represented correctly. You can see our Twilight Cleric 5E guide for more information. 


These are some of the most basic and popular domains undertaken by Clerics of Selune. We hope this Clerics of Selune 5E guide has been a useful tool as you sculpt a new character concept!

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