Locathah Names Guide | Examples and Naming Conventions for 5E

Locathah names

Locathah, the titular characters of the Locathah Rising race supplement, are a fun race in Dungeons & Dragons 5E. If you’ve ever wanted to play as a fish person, then you can’t get any closer than these fishy friends. While they can be difficult to work into standard campaigns, they can be fun and even rewarding to play with the right mindset. If you’re wanting some help with making these awesome guys feel a bit more real, our Locathah Name 5E guide is here for you.

Locathah Names Guide

Locathah are fairly unique compared to a ton of the races of 5E. So, if you want to sit down and use a name generator, that might make sense. However, you should at least know the culture of the creatures and what names might make work before throwing your hat randomly into the ring!

Culture and Naming Conventions

Locathah are fish people, plain and simple. This can mean they are fat little happy catfish, or closer to legendary two-legged humanoids that come from the water. No matter what, you’re bipedal, able to hold weapons, and have fins of some variety.

Locathah have spent most of their lives enslaved. Their communities scattered and with no allies in sight, they toiled away under the rule of most races in the Sea of Fallen Stars. After earning their freedom, they quickly banded together with other Locathah and any friends they could afford to get, wanting to stay free for as long as they possibly could. While tight-knit, these communities are fairly easy to get into, to those clearly wanting to help the Locathah out.

They’ve even formed alliances with creatures that have enslaved them in the past, should the creature be pure and truly wanting to help the community. This willingness to make allies even transfers slightly to an enslaved Locathah; they’ll do anything to get their freedom, as long as it doesn’t endanger those that they consider to be friends.

This loyalty to others makes Locathah some of the best traders in the Sea of Fallen Stars. You know you’ll get exactly as a Locathah says you’ll get. Traders with courage, kindness, authority, and chivalry will find Locathah to be respectful and accepting. However, they very rarely are willing to associate with those that choose violence as a first answer.

In spite of this, many unlearned about the Locathah will think they are simple-minded or barbarians. They live in huts and hunter-gatherer communities with simple tools, even more simple than Tritons. They are far more complex than simple vikings or barbarians, and they have a real willingness to progress in life. That being said, their tribal lands and religious ceremonies are important to every Locathah. Tradition and progress often fight each other in each Locathah community; remembrance of the past, and a desperate want to stay able to defend themselves and their allies are always at war.

Examples of Locathah Names

Locathah names have very close syllables. They tend to accept names that are quick to say from other nations that they trade with, as well. That being said, many Locathah come from different parts of the sea, and thus have inspiration from thousands of miles of nations.

While the Locathah that are known (Kharal, Roaoum, and Ghunnis) might be a good starting point, we’ve hardly scratched the surface of what names you could accept! Consider the short, 2-3 syllable name with slightly softer consonants while choosing your own name.

Locathah Names

  • Dhirrum
  • Gazan
  • Ghamus
  • Harrul
  • Keoais
  • Khodil
  • Nedut
  • Nellal
  • Ninnim
  • Thazum

Hopefully, this guide helped you select a name for your Locathah! If you need aid building a character, we’ve got a Locathah race guide for you, too!

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