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chromatic rose 5e

As you explore the Wild Beyond the Witchlight, you will come across a new selection of magical gear. Amongst the loot options that you have come a few beautiful items to help your performance… Though, some of these items are potent magical remedies! The Chromatic Rose might be the most useful new magical consumable to come out of the Witchlight book, and we should talk about it! Learn about the Chromatic Rose 5E in this quick guide!

The Chromatic Rose in Dungeons & Dragons 5E

Any Chromatic Rose is a Rare Consumable magical item that the wielder does not have to attune to. They come in 5 different varieties;

  • Black (Acid), which drips acid from the bud.
  • Blue (Lightning), which crackles with lightning that’s harmless to all.
  • Green (Poison), which occasionally produces a burst of green gas.
  • Red (Fire), which produces flames not quite hot enough to burn flesh.
  • White (Cold), which is covered in a thin frost.

The roses are all tied to an element. Against their specific element, a wielder of a rose gains resistance to the damage type that the rose is colored for. However, if the wielder takes 10 or more damage of that element – after Resistance is applied – the rose is destroyed, negating the damage dealt to you instead. This means that an elemental attack that matches your rose that deals 20 damage will be negated, at the cost of your rose.

Alternatively, you can expend the rose yourself to blow a 20 ft cone of the element that your rose represents. This is a DC 15 Constitution saving throw which deals 3d10 damage on a failed save, and half on a successful one.

Best Uses for the Chromatic Rose

The rose has 2 modes. The Resistance property is perfect for low-damage environments. For instance, when fighting a Fire Elemental, the Elemental usually does 2d6 Fire damage on each hit. That’s a maximum of 12 damage. That means your Resistance will always apply, and you get Fire Resistance without needing to Attune to anything! That’s very valuable.

You can also save the rose for a big burst. If you’re fighting a legendary Pyromancer, being able to completely negate the damage of her fireball might be handy. Put this on your MVP for that fight and make sure they don’t die to a high roll!

Secondly, you can use it as an emergency Area of Effect. This should never be your priority, but… If your party is surrounded and swinging for the fences doesn’t help, a Fighter can blow on this to help clear the herd. This is definitely the less valuable use of the consumable.


The Chromatic Rose might be the most useful magical items to debut in a campaign guide. This rose offers resistance with no other penalty than having the rose on your person. Keep these for a rainy day, or for making a bad encounter slightly better. You won’t regret having a small stockpile for a dangerous encounter!

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