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best magic items for cleric 5e

The Cleric is arguably the strongest class in Dungeons & Dragons 5E. With an incredible pool of magical spells, decent health, access to good armor, and stellar domains, Clerics have very few weaknesses that a DM can exploit. However, that doesn’t mean that Clerics don’t appreciate Magical Items! Knowing exactly what to look for as a Cleric is critical to ensuring your survival and your party’s growth. Learn what to look for in our Best D&D 5E Cleric Magic Items guide!

D&D 5E Cleric Magic Items

The Cleric really doesn’t have any weaknesses to cover… But, you can still find great magical items to gather up! The Cleric’s sole weakness is awkward access to Fly; since it isn’t a Sorcerer, Warlock, or Wizard, Clerics only gain access to flight later on in their life. Other than that, making sure that your Cleric survives deadly combat encounters is critical. Just as critical is making sure your Cleric keeps up with the +1, +2, and +3 Weapons that your melee characters don’t need anymore.

Combat Magic Items


Defender is a somewhat niche weapon upgrade. It’s a +3 Weapon, but you can decide to transfer bonuses to your AC instead. For a Spellcaster, this can be an insanely potent buff! With a +3 shield, this weapon, and an additional +1 to AC from perhaps a Cloak of Resistance, you can grab an extra 9 AC over a set of Fullplate! You want 30 AC? This is 30 AC!

Mantle of Protection

The Mantle of Protection gives you another chance to reroll on a spell, potentially saving your bacon. Realistically, you’re one of the most important targets to be resistant to spells, since you can Dispel Magic or Counterspell as needed. However, it’s not the only anti-magic item in the game. If you’d prefer, the Cloak of Resistance gives a smaller bonus while buffing AC, and the Ring of Spell Turning gives a nasty punishment for when you critically hit.

Ruby of the War Mage

This common item is surprisingly useful! While it requires attunement, it essentially turns your weapon into a holy symbol. For DMs that don’t let Clerics use their shield as a “free hand”, this will let you ignore the War Mage feat… But, this costs an attunement slot. And the War Mage feat is good enough to take once you can afford it. Consider using this for a short time, and then taking War Mage when you’re ready.

Sentinel Shield

Advantage on Initiative means you can quickly shut down opponents, buff your allies, or heal priority targets that may be engaged in combat. The Sentinel Shield gives you that advantage while also granting that advantage to Perception! A good combo for the Cleric, and a great shield for a healer to have. Just, be careful! Going first might mean a large group of enemies can gang up on a single party member before you can react.

Winged Boots

best magic items for cleric 5e

Winged Boots grant a fly speed of 30 feet for 4 hours per 24 hours. While many 5E players may find this redundant, the Winged Boots allows for a Cleric to handily escape dangerous melee situations and put themselves in a better position to support. So, yes, it’s boring, but it’s also incredibly safe and helpful.

Other Magic Items

Necklace of Prayer Beads

This necklace has up to 6 beads… Magical beads, of course! A Cleric attuned from it uses your Spell save DC, and refreshes every morning. These spells include Bless, Cure Wounds or Lesser Restoration, Greater Restoration, Branding Smite, Planar Ally, and Wind Walk. The beads are randomly determined… But these are all cast as a Bonus Action!  That’s right, you can possibly cast the spell Wind Walk as a bonus action. That’s a ridiculous get-out-of-jail spell! You can also cast Planar Ally as a bonus action, which is just absurd.

Ring of Spell Storing

This ring is crazy strong! If you need more spell slots, this ring gives you 5 levels of spells. That means you can cast two extra Spirit Weapons and a Guiding Bolt. Or, you can just cast Greater Restoration without burning into your spell pool. Having this ring around for aggressive spells and emergencies will greatly boost how you can spend your other spell levels. 

Rod of Resurrection

best magic items for clerics


Clerics should probably be the ones casting resurrection, and this allows you to cast it for free. That being said, this should only be used in emergencies. Casting Resurrection with this will have a 5% chance to destroy it permanently, and you only get 1 Resurrection per 5 days.

Scarab of Protection

This incredible item is best used in emergencies. It replaces a Mantle of Protection as your anti-magic item; perfect, advantage on saving throws against spells is smart to have. However, it also has 12 charges that are specifically anti-necromancy and undead. That means, against a Lich, you can fail against their spells 12 times (using your reaction each time). This is really useful; dodging spells from some of the most common enemies in the game will save your life many times. As the cleric, you should have priority if your party ever finds this thing.

Tome of Understanding

You get this tome first! This thing boosts your Wisdom and Wisdom Cap by 2! This is how you get 22 Wisdom, which is a godsend! That means you get a big boost to your spell DCs and even damage. Boosting your Wisdom is always worth it… Though these tomes are by no means easy to collect!

Conclusion – The B est Magic Items for Clerics in 5E

The Cleric is a hard class to build a magical item set for. Not only are you incredibly strong normally, but your spells can cover a lot of potholes in your kit for you. However, the Cleric benefits a lot from items that save your bacon, allowing you to support your team for as long as possible.

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