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roll20 clear chat

Sometimes, in Roll20, you make a mistake in the chat. Perhaps the campaign has gone on for so long that the Chat Log is no longer useful. Maybe a player forgot to whisper during a roleplay moment and they feel uncomfortable letting others see. Or potentially, you accidentally put some important DM notes in the chat room without putting them in DM mode. No matter the reason, Roll20 has a solution for you; you can delete the chat history of your game. This is a pretty big deal, so it should only be done in emergencies. If you need help deleting the chat log, this Roll20 Clear Chat guide can help you out.

How to Clear a Roll20 Chat Log

roll20 clear chat

Clearing your chat log is fairly simple. All you need to do is go to Settings on the homepage of your campaign, and select the “Clear Chat Log” option. Once you select this, a pop-up will appear to make sure you actually mean to completely wipe out your chat archive. Type in “CONFIRM” to make your chat log as clean as new!

This is sadly the only method to remove chat messages currently available on Roll20. If you trust your players, you can instead attempt to scroll the message off of the top of the current chat log by entering a bunch of spam, but that causes its own issues; the Chat Log can lag the actual campaign if it gets too big!


Hopefully, this helps you clear out your chat log! As a warning, this will remove everything, but only in chat. It is also permanent, as in there is no way to get your chat information back if you forgot something. If you need to save important information or loot, make sure to make a journal to copy-paste whatever you need! 

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