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wristpocket 5e

The Explorer’s Guide of Wildemount just unleashed the power of Dunamancy magic to the 5th edition Dungeon and Dragon’s world. This new magic is so scared, only Wizards that specialize in the Chronurgy and Graviturgy schools can learn these spells naturally. BUT you can learn them without this requirement if your Dungeon Master is willing to let you obtain one of these powerful spells. Naturally, it would be at the discretion of the Dungeon Master, that does not mean you cannot dream of what you can do now. Speaking of which, are you ready to look into another spell? Get the scoop with our Wristpocket 5E Guide.

 Wristpocket 5E Guide

  • School: Conjuration
  • Level: 2nd (Ritual)
  • Casting Time: 1 Action
  • Range: Yourself
  • Components: Somatic
  • Duration: 1 Hour with concentration
  • Class: WizardChronurgy, Graviturgy

An object of at most five pounds that you are holding in your hand is transported to an extra-dimensional space for the duration of the spell. As long as the spell is active, you can summon the item into your free hand and send it back to the extradimensional space as an action. Only you can hold the item while the spell is active.

If the object is still in the extradimensional space when the spell ends, the item will appear at your feet.

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This is the best way to hide a spell in the game. Period. There is no other spell in the game that can hide objects as well as Wristpocket because this spell will immediately take the physical item out of the equation.

What’s more, you can cast Wristpocket as a ritual spell. This is nice, since you won’t need to use up one of your prepared spells on something so situational.


The ability to hide items with Wristpocket is hard to match, but some of the mechanics of the spell really drag it down. First and foremost, it is a concentration spell. Not only does it limit your ability to cast other concentration spells during the duration, but it’s also less useful in combat without the Warcaster feat.

Given the mechanics of this spell, the level also seems high. I would peg this as a first level spell, and giving a second level slot for this seems steep.

Finally, the ability to use this in combat is marred by more than the need to concentrate. Wristpocket not only requires an action to cast, but it requires an action to summon the item back or return it to the pocket plane where you sent it. This limits any kind of creative use in combat since your entire turn would be calling or sending away the item.

When Should You Use

You should use Wristpocket when you need to hide an item from a specific target, and that target should not see you casting this spell. It is also possible that they do not believe you and still give you a frisking, only to find that you are “telling the truth” and move on.

When Better Options Are Available

There is no other spell that is as good at hiding items outside of combat as Wristpocket is. If you do not want to use some pages in your book, sure, you can follow the instructions I have above, but Wristpocket makes it too easy. If this is an ability that I know I will need to use eventually, I have no issue with it being this limited in use.

That wraps up our Wristpocket 5E Guide. We’re so fond of this spell it is in our Top 10 Best Wildemount Spells. What do you think of it?


  1. I’d say another con is that this spell requires concentration (which wasn’t noted above under duration)

  2. What is this Bluff rank and Sense motive ranks? Google tells me it’s from other dnd editions. Is it also a variant rule for 5e or something? Doesn’t really make sense in an article on 5e 😅
    Also there’s a typo in the intro. It says scared instead of sacred 😉

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