The Top 10 Best Yugioh Card Rarities

Yugioh card rarity

Yu-Gi-Oh is a popular Japanese series originally from manga and was made into Anime. Later on the Yu-Gi-Oh! Franchise expanded to a collectible trading card game which was launched worldwide in 2009 and was recognized by Guinness as the top-selling trading card game during the same year. Many people definitely play the game, and like any other trading card games, surely are after the best Yugioh rarity cards available on the market.

One might ask what is with these rare cards? Why are so many people looking for them? Well, first of all, rare cards are not easy to get a hold of. Not many cards of that design are produced so only a small amount of people have it. This exclusivity alone appeals to gamers, as they are truly collectible items worth keeping.

Another reason for coveting these are its design. Rare cards often are very shiny, depicting how extraordinary their physical design is. Who wouldn’t want that kind of sparkle in their deck?

Finally, they most probably come with cool monsters too. When it comes to playing, not all of these rare cards are considered better compared to the more common ones, but having them can bring a certain prestige to the player.

The Top 10 Yugioh Rarity Cards

There are so many types of rare cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! and you might be confused if you are a beginner, or don’t really play the trade. In this article, we have listed the Top 10 Yu-Gi-Oh! Rare cards you should know about, so when you finally come across one, you will be able to recognize it and hold on to that rare find.

10. Super Rare Cards

Yugioh Rarity



I did say that rarities are most liked because of how shiny they can be. Super rare cards are the type that didn’t go with the trend. They remain simple yet have elegant designs for a rare card. Some rare cards tend to overdo the glittering part which competes with the other details found in the rare card. This can be a bit ludicrous to look at. Super rare cards pull off the no-gloss look which is the main reason for making it to the list.

9. Ultra Rare

Ultra Rare Yugioh Card



An Ultra rare Yugioh card is the evolution of super rare cards where this time, they were made to be shiny. Just like the previous entry, these are made in simplicity, but with the additional feature of shininess.

8. Platinum Rare

Yugioh Rarities



These rare cards can only be acquired through the Noble Knights of the Round Table deck. There are just a few of these and owning them will definitely win you points as they are really cool to look at. They are considered the darker assortment of the Gold rarity, able to show off with its quiet beauty.

7. Ghost and Gold Rare

best yugioh card rarities


Personally, these cards are not that appealing, but for many, they definitely make the top 10 list. These cards are literally rare since Konami only made six of them. Owning one will definitely make you the talk of the town. Design-wise, I think ghost cards are better off without the addition of Gold, but many people will think the opposite, and actually love them for it.

6. Secret Rare

Yugioh Card Rarity

There was a time when secret rare cards were held and made available only for the strongest, most powerful cards. Currently, it has become somewhat exclusive but is not that hard to come by. Most players probably have a lot of secret rare cards in their collection. Having a handful of these will definitely enhance your deck as they look marvelous!


5. Ultimate Rare

Yugioh Rarity



When you see this card, you will definitely ask why it is included in the list. Art-wise, everything is a mess. The images can hardly be seen, the details around it like the name, its attributes and even the borders are not really pleasing to the eyes. These peculiarities are actually the reason the card got on the list, and it is now considered as one of the shiniest rarities one can encounter in the game.

4. Gold Secret Rare

Yugioh Rarity

Now this card shouts boldness. From the name itself, the card is full-blown gold with shininess brimming all over. This might be the most lustrous card in the bunch, but it doesn’t take away the prestige of the card itself. What makes it one of the best is that despite the overblown, design is that the monster was left untouched by Konami. With the over-the-top design and a clear depiction of the monster, this card is indeed one of the best rarities in the collection.

3. Ultra Parallel Rare

Imagine an Ultra Rare Card and beef it up with a shiny layer, you get an Ultra Parallel Rare Card. In addition to that, this card is very hard to come by and only a few players have them on their decks. It’s not even shown in their official card database. Talking about rare cards, this is decidedly one of a kind. It really is a good find, but the thing about these cards is that their shininess doesn’t last long. Overtime, you will find the gloss easily rubs off.

2. Prismatic Secret Rare

Few of the Secret Cards in the deck were reprinted with horizontal line patterns instead of the diagonal ones. These are called the Prismatic Secret Rare cards, and they are some of our favorite Yugioh rarity cards. Having the same monster but with a twist in their look makes it astonishing and not everybody has it. They are the Secret rare cards in OCG and the TCG doesn’t always come across one of them since only a number was printed.

1. Ghost Rare

Without a doubt, the Ghost Rare card takes the top spot with its sovereign shininess. There was a time when you surely have a hard time looking at the monsters in the card, but luckily, they improved this and are now easier to find. The best part is the 3D effect Konami used on the card. It easily puts it to the number-one spot and not surprisingly, one of the most coveted rare cards in the game.

Nerds and Scoundrels

That’s our top 10 best Rare Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! Go find your Yugioh card rarities now! And stick with Nerds and Scoundrels for more Yugioh rarity content.

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