Hearthstone – Lich King Warrior Deck

Warrior Lich King Deck

Want to take down the Lich King with a Warrior Deck in Hearthstone? Nerds and Scoundrels can help with that! This deck is designed to take down the Lich King with little resistance and it is new player friendly. Keep reading to get the scoop on how to take down the Lich King with this first try warrior deck.

Hearthstone – Lich King Warrior Deck Guide

This deck is a simple first try warrior deck capable of beating the Lich King. It takes advantage of a long-running glitch that will prevent any cards or attacks against you during the Frostmourne phase. Below, we’ll run through the cards that are in the deck and how to use them.

The Lich King Warrior Deck

Warrior Cards


Shield Slam × 2  



Armorsmith × 1  2
Bring It On! × 1  2
Execute × 2  2
Public Defender × 2  2
Fierce Monkey × 1  3
Fiery War Axe × 2  3
Ravaging Ghoul × 2  3
Shield Block × 2  3
Blood Razor × 2  4
Bloodhoof Brave × 2  4
Brawl × 2  5
Shieldmaiden × 2  6

Neutral Cards

Loot Hoarder × 1  2
Acolyte of Pain × 2  3
Justicar Trueheart × 1  6
Scaled Nightmare × 2  6
Kel’Thuzad × 1  8

How to Use this Deck

This deck is versatile, primarily because it centers around two cards: Public Defender and Scaled Nightmare. For more advanced players, you can replace Scale Nightmare with other end game cards, but that is beyond the scope of this guide.

The strategy for this deck is simple. In the early game, focus on simply trading minions and staying alive. You want to draw as many cards as possible, as your deck centers around two specific cards in order to win. Once the Lich King drops Frostmourne, your strategy will change. If you haven’t seen it yet, Frostmourne is the Lich King’s weapon that deals five damage and also has a deathrattle that summons every minion that the weapon killed.

Lich King Warrior Deck

Once he plays Frostmourne, keep battling until there is only one trapped soul on your board. From here, build up as much armor and try to stay alive until you can play the combination of Kel-Thuzad and Public Defender. The AI will only attack the Public Defender with the minion as opposed to the weapon. However, the AI will stop attacking the Public Defender as soon as it is on the verge of being killed. From here, the AI will mill cards but not attack you or the Public Defender.

Keep drawing cards until you get what you need to put him away: namely, Scaled Nightmares. Then it’s Top Decking Lethal time! When you are in a position where the Scaled Nightmare can kill your opponent, destroy the final lost soul with Kel’Thuzad and destroy your opponent with the Scaled Nightmare. Simple, right?

Get the Deck Hash to use In-Game

Want to give this deck a try? Just copy the deck string below and use it in-game to quickly build this deck if you have the necessary cards:


Nerds and Scoundrels

And that concludes our Lich King Warrior Deck guide. This strategy has worked for a long time and is as simple as it is effective. Do you have a different approach? Post your deck for beating the Lich King below in the comment section! And don’t forget to check out all of our Hearthstone content here at Nerds and Scoundrels. Want to see the deck in action? Check out the video below.

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