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best magic items for druid 5E

The soul of the wild, the protector of the jungle, the hope of the forest. Druids take many names, and share many faces, in Dungeons & Dragons 5E. They are potent spell slingers, and are constantly in-tune with nature. They often shun manmade objects to embrace the glory of the wilds. However, as a Druid grows stronger and stronger… It might be time to start collecting a few items to help you out. This guide holds some of the Best D&D 5E Druid Magic Items that you can find in any campaign.

D&D 5E Druid Magic Items

The Druid doesn’t suffer from too many weaknesses that need to be covered by magical items. Druids have fantastic health, good armor bonuses, and their spell list covers a ton of different options. That being said, you can still get some items to help you out.

Depending on your build, the Druid’s magic items change drastically. The Wild Shape druid is much different than a Circle of Stars druid, for instance. This list will try to encompass a few different options and build paths, and will hopefully help you think about what your Druid build should look like.

Combat Magic Items

Animated Shield and Dancing Sword

These two items are godsends for the Wild Shape druid. As a bonus action, you can set up these weapons by throwing them up in the air. The Dancing Sword stays up for 4 attacks, while the Animated Shield lasts for a minute. The Dancing Sword allows you to use Bonus Actions while in Wild Shape form; a difficult task otherwise, since most animals don’t have bonus actions that help in combat. The Animated Shield gives your Animal form a +2 bonus to AC. That’s handy, considering that many animals have absolutely terrible AC that a shield can aid. The Animated Shield is good for Caster druids, too, since it opens up a hand for you to cast spells with.

Dragon Scale Mail

Dragonscale Mail is important for one reason; most DMs consider Dragonscale to be natural. This rule will differ from table to table, so be sure to talk to your DM before blowing all of your money on this. But, with the metal plate changed out for dragon skin, you should be in the clear! This is very durable armor for it’s weight class. It also has a damage resistance, such as Fire Resistance on Brass Dragon. So, you’re getting a lot of health and a ton of AC over what Druids normally have.

Insignia of Claws

Another good magic item for Wild Shape druids, this allows you to get a +1 numerical bonus to natural attacks. Very simple, but for Wild Shape druids, this is a godsend! 5% chance to hit and a small amount of bonus damage comes in handy. And, if you’re not a Druid of the Land, this will let your natural attacks piece Non-Magical resistance and immunities. A handy thing to have for emergencies.

Scimitar of Speed

The Scimitar of Speed allows for weapon-based druids, such as the Circle of Spores, to get a great bonus action. Being able to swing your strong magical weapon again can be a big boost to damage. You can keep a shield on and still have a very valid bonus action. This is also a good option for a Druid who is out of resources, as long as the Druid has a fair amount of Strength or Dexterity to use this with. Use that Scimitar proficiency to the fullest!

Staff of the Woodlands

The Staff of the Woodlands is the Druid’s only unique magical item… And boy, does it show! This staff has a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls, and boosts your spell attacks by +2. You get 10 charges to play with; these charges can be spent on some hardcore utility spells… But, you can also cast Barkskin and Wall of Thorns, which are good combat spells. You can also cast Pass without Trace for free! That’s handy! The Tree Form is hilarious but not specifically useful. This is a good combat weapon for most caster druids.

Winged Boots

For any non-Wild Shape druid, access to Flight is tricky. This saves spell slots by giving you some flight. For caster druids, getting this distance from melee opponents will save your life very, very easily. It will also give you good positioning in combat, or chase down tricky enemies. However, unlike for most classes, this is not a required item. Just a good one!

Other Magic Items

Necklace of Prayer Beads

This necklace comes with a random batch of strong to very strong magical spells. You get up to 6 beads that recharge every day. These beads, when you spend a Bonus Action, can cast a spell. These spells vary from Branding Smite to being able to summon a Planar Ally! That’s crazy action economy. Even if your necklace rolls nothing but Bless, you’re not using that bad of a tool!

Reserve Ioun Stone

The Reserve Ioun Stone is useful for two reasons. The first is for all Druids. You get 3 extra levels of spells. That’s worth something! You can donate this stone to an ally so they can cast your buff magic when they need it. Or, you can use it for extra spells. Nothing wrong there!

Alternatively, you can use it when you Wild Shape. That’s where this shows it’s teeth! In Wild Shape, you usually can’t cast magic. Now, you can bring level 3 spells into the fight without needing to change back. Summon a Call Lightning while you’re a Bat. Bring animal allies into the mix as a wolf. Loads of stuff to play with here.

Rod of Resurrection

The Rod of Resurrection isn’t the strongest in the game. Every 5 days, you get a Resurrection that is completely devoid of cost. That’s… kind of it. However, this is an incredibly safe option for a Druid, since you can attune to it after a disaster and quickly fix something without needing to spend money on diamonds. You’re emergency-proof with this thing.

Scarab of Protection

Druids aren’t bad at Anti-Magic. At all! But, you’ll want something to help you survive from spell effects in the late game. The Scarab is legendary, since it can negate magic from Undead and Necromancy spells that might kill you. Until you get your Scarab, though, a Mantle of Spell Resistance or Cloak of Protection will do plenty.

Tome of Understanding

Awesome! You’re going to be fighting the Party Cleric for this item. Depending on your build, you should hand it over; Moon druids don’t really need wisdom, for instance. However, Stars druids really love Wisdom, since they have many different effects that use it. Double check you build and make sure that 22 Wisdom deserves to be yours… And it often will!


The Druid has very few weaknesses… Unless you’re part of the Circle of the Moon. You’re basically just covering up some AC problems, spell resistance, and trying to maximize your utility. That’s more than fine, and your Druid build is going to want some different options than another.

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