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vedalken names

The pursuit of perfection may not be a clear path for most mortals. However, you’ve decided to pick the Vedalken, from the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica. These are extremely cool creatures, with the opportunity to become some of the best rogues or healers in the game. Incredibly intelligent and devastatingly dispassionate, the Vedalken are a people who are perhaps the most difficult to relate to as a human. So, our Vedalken Names 5E guide will try and make their culture make sense as much as possible.

Vedalken Names Guide

The Vedalken are strange and unique creatures compared to other mortals in 5E. It’s worth taking a look at their culture and figuring out where they come from before putting your character together.

Culture and Naming Conventions

The Vedalken are strange-looking people. They are taller than humans, but slim enough to weigh the same. They are hairless, with skin various shades of blue. Their faces are clearly amphibious, with internal ears and broad noses. They live near the water, as that is comfortable to them, though their empires live outside of the water most of the time.

The Vadalken’s most prevalent and prolific quality is the search for perfection. They relish their flaws, as those are things that can be improved over time. They march towards perfection with each step they take in life, knowing that it’s impossible to reach. This keeps them from becoming complacent, and makes them a tirelessly progressive race. Every mistake or setback is just a new opportunity to become greater than they were before.

Vedalken love to talk, but about things other than their personal life. They talk about ideas rather than personalities or gossip. Also, they form relationships based on agreements or disagreements. They have thoughts about ideas, but never truly emotions based on them. While Vedalken have emotions, they are taught from a young age to hide them and rely on logic.

This logical foundation is focused and pure, and informs a lot of Vedalken decision making in Ravnica. They join guilds that are focused on intelligence and experimentation, such as the Simic Combine, the Azorius Senate, and the Izzet League (rarely). They find magic, laws, and procedures to be extremely interesting, and always attempt to improve what they find. However, this improvement is purely logical, and rarely morally driven, which can be a problem in politics.

In other settings, most of these rules stick around. Vedalken might join an order of wizards or a senate just to get their logical or perfection-seeking kicks. They will always be driven by logic, and thus their empires would be in strategic or culturally beneficial regions of a new continent.

Examples of Vedalken Names

Vedalken names are singular, meaning they never get a “last” or family name. They often choose names as part of adulthood, but perhaps their parents still call them by their childhood name, or they remember that name for a non-logical reason. 

No matter what, their names will be incredibly unique, using a lot of letters and word structures that aren’t commonly used elsewhere. They are big fans of Double-L, though! This could be to make it easier to hear their name over mechanical equipment, or a remnant of the Vedalken language. Their names should be between 1-4 syllables (typically longer for females).

Male Vedalken Names

  • Aglar
  • Koplony
  • Lomar
  • Modar
  • Nitt
  • Ovlan
  • Rill
  • Uldin
  • Yolov
  • Zatz

Female Vedalken Names

  • Barvisa
  • Direll
  • Griya
  • Katrille
  • Lilla
  • Mirela
  • Nedress
  • Pierenn
  • Sestri
  • Uzana
  • Yaraghiya

The Vedalken are fantastic creatures to try, especially for intelligence builds! Check out our Vedalken guide for a more mechanical look at them.

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