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tortle names

Can you believe that Wizards of the Coast gave us full Turtle races to play Dungeons & Dragons 5E with? That’s hilarious, and the reason why the Tortle race is worth looking into! These guys from The Tortle Package might seem like a meme from the outlook; tanky little turtle fellas who waddle around any D&D campaign like a sore thumb. While a lot of those are fairly true, Tortles are worth a lot more time and thought when you make them. Our Tortle Name 5E guide will touch on their rather complex culture, and help you select a name.

Tortle Names 5E Guide

Tortles are very complex individuals living in a somewhat dangerous world. You could choose a randomly generated name and call it a day… Or, you can learn a bit about their culture and make your Tortle a potentially really cool element to the story of your campaign. The choice is yours, but having some background tends to be a lot of fun!

How to Name Your Tortle in 5E

Despite their funny appearance, Tortles have a very quick life. They are born when their parents are approaching death, and learn all they can about surviving in the months that their parents have. A year later, the Tortle is an orphan, but able to talk and fight fairly well for their size. Their parent’s inheritance is small, so figuring out how to survive in a world that can be dangerous is critical. They travel and hunt, perhaps going on an adventure, until they decide to settle down with a mate and procreate (if they feel the need to; otherwise, they might just kick back and relax).

Tortles are naturally quite religious, since they enjoy the stories of the pantheon of the gods around them. They might come to gravitate towards gods of chivalry, survival, adventure, or mischief, depending on what they hear about them. In general, Tortles think that Night and Day (Moon and Sun) watch over them, and keep them safe. Eclipses are times of great revelry, and during those days a Tortle might be the most courageous.

Because a Tortle is constantly carrying its shell, it considers itself to always be at home. That lets them explore without any real concern in the world. Tortles are very social, and naturally communicate and trade with most other races. They tend to have a naive sense of the world, due to their parents rarely teaching them to avoid specific groups or tribes. Unless their family had a focus on society and learning from specific events, then a Tortle is at risk of being tricked or abused.

Nonetheless, Tortles are extremely great allies. They are natural crafters, natural workers, and skilled designers. Also, they form quick but meaningful relationships and are willing to change their lives in an instant for the promise of a new, great life; they didn’t have to change much, admittedly!

Examples of Tortle Names

Tortle names are short and sweet, and they feel no connection to their name. Their parents very rarely straight-up name them, and thus Tortles rename themselves constantly. No matter what, they prefer to have very unique, one to two syllable names that makes them feel happy to use, or can recognize quickly.

They might form an attachment to a name given to them by a person who they have a genuine relationship with. Tortles don’t worry much about gender representation in their names.

Tortle Names

  • Ala
  • Bizloll
  • Damu
  • Gada
  • Gar
  • Jappa
  • Jig
  • Lik
  • Lop
  • Orly
  • Nortle
  • Nulka
  • Olo
  • Quee
  • Qoldull
  • Saril
  • Sunny
  • Ubo
  • Wabu
  • Zazlec
  • Xopa
  • Yog
  • Yul

That wraps up our Tortle Names Guide. Enjoying building your Tortle? Our race guide to Tortles can help you out, if you’re looking for inspiration for your class build!

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