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tether essence 5e

The Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount just came out, which means we now have a new list of spells to go review! So let’s jump in and break down the Essence of this spell with our Tether Essence 5E Guide.

PLEASE NOTE: While only a Chronurgy and Graviturgy focused Wizard can naturally learn this spell, any other spellcasting character in the game can learn Tether Essence as long as the Dungeon Master allows it. So you will need to dig deep into your imagination in order to convince them to let your character learn this incredibly awesome spell.

Tether Essence 5E Guide

  • School: Evocation
  • Level: 7th
  • Casting Time: One Action
  • Range: 60 Feet
  • Components: Verbal, Somatic, Material (spool of platinum cord worth at least 250 gold)
  • Duration: One Hour
  • Class: Wizard – Chronurgy, Graviturgy.

Tether Essence magically links two characters together as long as they are within 30 feet of each other. If one of the characters take any damage, they both take the same amount of damage. Should one of the characters heals any hit points, they both heal the same amount of hit points. If one of the characters were to hit zero hit points, the spell instantly ends. If the spell were to end on one of the characters, the spell ends for both of the characters.

In order to prevent this effect from happening, both of the characters have to make a successful Constitution Saving Throw with Disadvantage. In order to make a Constitution Saving Throw, use the following formula:

Their Constitution Saving Throw

1d20 + Their Constitution Modifier

When you are rolling with a Disadvantage, you roll two of the same dice and use the lowest of the two results. In order for the spell to fail, BOTH characters have to succeed in making the Constitution Saving Throw. In order to succeed, their final Constitution Saving Throw must beat your Spell Save DC. To determine your Spell Save DC, use the following formula:

Your Spell Save DC

8 + Your Proficiency Bonus + Your Spellcasting Modifier

To determine your Spellcasting Modifier, please consult the following chart:

ClassSpellcasting Modifier

Please note that both of your targets are not required to make a Constitution Saving Throw when you are targeting them with this spell.


You can cast this spell on ANY character.

You can link two enemies together so both of them can take the same amount of damage while the whole party is wailing on them in combat. This feels like it will be the most common use of this spell, as it yields the highest potential to deal the most damage. The odds are pretty good that this spell will succeed because both of your targets will be rolling with a Disadvantage, and both of them have to beat your Spell Save DC. More often than not, the stat that is used to determine your Spellcasting Modifier will have the highest roll you obtained when you were making your character because you will want to maximize your spells effect.

You can also link two friendly characters together so you can extend the reach of your healing spells. This feels like it will be the second most common use for this spell, as it will help preserve the amount of healing spells that your Cleric, Druid, Paladin, or Ranger uses. If you have a party of four characters, casting Tether Essence once will save one healing spell for later in the day. When you are facing several battles back-to-back, using Tether Essence to preserve healing spells will take your party a long way.

And finally, what will most likely be the least common way to use this spell, you can link one of your bigger characters to an enemy within range. The spell will indefinitely go through because both characters have to succeed in making Constitution Saving Throw, and your friendly character can choose to not make their roll. While in combat, damage your friendly character takes will also be inflected to the opposing target. Sure, your friendly character will also take damage too, but the friendly target should have more than enough hit points in order to absorb the hits.

You can also link an enemy character with a friendly character outside of combat and inflect damage to them from a distance. Simply hit your friendly character several times until the enemy catches on or runs out of hit points. This will be very useful if you are targeting an enemy character that does not have a high Strength score. This is a good way to avoid combat while still working to get the job done.

And the best part? This spell has a duration time of 1 hour! Typically, 1 minute of duration time is equal to 8 rounds. So 60 minutes will give your team 480 rounds! You will have plenty of time to take advantage of Tether Essense.


Tether Essence is a 7th level spell. This means the typical Wizard will not be able to use this spell until they reach level 13th level! Most campaigns begin on the lower level. It might take a couple of years before you get to use this incredible spell. The only way to get around that is to start as high as your Dungeon Master will let you.

You will also need to use 250 gold worth of platinum cord in order to cast Tether Essence! That also means that your weak character will need to carry at least 250 gold worth of platinum cord! Unless you have an extremely generous Dungeon Master, you will not be casting this spell as often as you would like.

When Should You Use Tether Essence

You can use this spell in both combat and outside of combat. You can link two enemy characters to deal a lot of damage, two friendly characters to preserve healing spells, or a friendly and an enemy character in order to sneak some damage without them knowing it.

When Better Options Are Available

If you are facing a bunch of smaller enemies, it might be better to just cast a few spells that can damage them than it is to link two characters together. It will possibly give them one less opportunity to deal damage to anyone in your party. If only one character in your party takes damage, it is most likely better to just heal that character instead of waiting to take advantage of Tether Essence.

That wraps up our Tether Essence 5E guide. We dig this spell so much that we listed it on our Wildemount Spells rankings. Are you a fan? Let us know in the comments below!

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