Telekinetic Feat 5E Guide | Pros, Cons, and Potential Builds

telekenetic feat 5E

Ever wanted to unlock all of your mind? Well, Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything has something just for you! The Telekinetic feat is a showmanship of your psychokinetic ability. You’ve unlocked enough of your mind to physically change the environment around you. No easy task! But, is this incredible ability good for your adventuring career? Or should you just take your ability score improvement? Find out, in our Telekinetic Feat 5E guide.

Telekinetic Feat 5E Guide

The Telekinetic feat increases one mental stat of your choice (Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma) by 1. It also lets you learn the mage hand cantrip, which doesn’t require any components, and can be invisible. If you knew this spell before, the range increases by 30 feet. Finally, as a bonus action, you may attempt to push or pull a target within 30 feet by 5 feet. This allows a Strength save, and is based on the ability modifier you increased with this feat.


Great, we don’t sacrifice the full Ability Score improvement. That’s good, we get a little progress towards our Mental stat (and probably our Casting stat). That means you’re at least making your way towards 20 rather than dumping it completely.

Mage hand is not a bad cantrip at all. Especially in out-of-combat scenarios, or where you want to just show off. Being able to make it 60 feet is, obviously, better than it being 30 feet of range. You’ll be able to manipulate your environment much easier! And now you can even cast it while in chains, or with a gag in your mouth. That opens up your options significantly!

Finally, you get some pushing and pulling. Fun! As a bonus action, too. So you can kinda manipulate fights, just a touch, with your Bonus action. 5 feet can be a lot! You can even push someone off of a bridge, who had no idea that they were even in danger! Or use a tiny little push to avoid taking an attack of opportunity. And that’s just your Bonus action!


Mage hand still has a ton of limits. It’s not able to do much by itself, so you’re dealing with a boosted cantrip that can still not really interact or do anything significant. And you don’t really want to know Mage Hand, since most of the benefits come from not knowing Mage Hand in the first place.

The bonus action is neat, but it’s also a bit of a waste. 5 feet isn’t much, and depending on DM, you only get to choose between two directions (If they’re willing to interpret “towards you” as the three squares closest to you, then this con is a little invalid). If you have any bonus action, it’ll probably be worth more than this one.

Potential Builds

The most obvious choice is Arcane Trickster. With an extra 30 feet to work with on your mage hand, you can do a ton of additional tricks. And you can increase your effective sneak attack range by 30 feet! That’s pretty cool… Although, you might not have a lot of time to use your Bonus Action Push.

Otherwise, we’d recommend you take this when you 1) need Mage Hand, since it’s a really big buff to mage hand, or 2) want your mage hand to get extra range. The bonus action is just icing on the cake! Almost any caster can benefit from this (and even pseudo-casters, like Eldritch Knight) thanks to the boost.


The Telekinetic feat is relatively minor, just buffing your mage hand and giving a bonus action. This still is a vast increase in options and doesn’t quite stop your Ability Score improvement track. It’s a pretty cool buff! Give it a try if you want to maximize Mage Hand’s range and usefulness!

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