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tabaxi rogue 5e

Have you ever heard the idiom “curiosity killed the cat?” The Tabaxi surely haven’t. This race of cat people are available in Volo’s Guide to Monsters and are driven by their wonder about the world. Whether it be for stories, artifacts, religion, mystery, or otherwise, these migrating humanoid-felines are always looking for something. Which means that they’re always ready for adventure… Especially if they’re allowed to sneak around. This Tabaxi Rogue build guide can help you get the most out of the race. 

Tabaxi Rogue 5E Build

When not adventuring, Tabaxi become skilled workers and salespeople. When they do adventure, they become Rogues, Sorcerers, Bards, and all sorts of useful classes. Today, we’re focusing on the Rogue, the class the Tabaxi seem built for.

Tabaxi Rogue Statline:
  • Stat Bonus: +2 Dexterity, +1 Charisma
  • Lifespan: Human-Length
  • Normal Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Size: Medium
  • Speed: 30 ft
  • Darkvision: Can see 60 ft in pitch darkness.
  • Feline Agility: When you move, you can double your movement speed until the end of your turn. You can’t regain this until you don’t move at all in a turn.
  • Cat’s Claws: Your claws grant you 20 ft Climb Speed. You also gain slashing unarmed attacks that deal 1d4 + Strength.
  • Cat’s Talent: Proficiency in Perception and Stealth
  • Languages: Common + 1

The Pros

As noted above, the Tabaxi seem custom-built for a rogue. +2 Dexterity is by default a fantastic bonus for rogues. Dexterity is the key ability score that keeps Rogues as one of the best damage-dealers out there; put a Finesse weapon in your hands – or a decent ranged one – and you can Sneak Attack with the best of them. And a boost to Charisma is, arguably, just as important; Rogues that can Persuade and Deceive others are very potent for out-of-combat situations. These are flawless ability scores that really make the Tabaxi fit in.

But that’s not even close to all! Darkvision is a really strong ability for stealth characters, allowing them to see in the dark without needing a torch. Surprisingly, it’s so much easier to stay hidden when you’re not carrying fire. It also lets the curious cats search for loot, since they can easily see hidden objects in dark places.

Feline Agility is crazy good for Rogues, allowing them to move into position for sneak attacks, plan ambushes, and escape from situations. Since it lasts until the end of your turn, you can use the Cunning Action to really use that extra movement speed. It’s by far the best class to use this ability, though other classes definitely appreciate the boost just as much! Cat’s Claws are good for the same reasons; movement is critical, and easily scaling walls without needing gear or rolls can be really effective. 

The Cons

These are extremely few and far between. You can argue that you… Overdue your skill proficiencies. Cat’s Talent puts you at 6, 7 with a background skill. That’s arguably not very useful. But it is still helpful, letting you pick up things that you might not have in the past… So that’s not saying much. The Tabaxi is the perfect rogue! Or… Should I say purr-fect?

Roleplaying a Tabaxi Rogue

The Tabaxi are curious, always looking for new information or a new item to fascinate them. So… Play this to your advantage! Maybe you’re searching for an ancient artifact, and your party is there to protect you until you find it. Or maybe you heard the party’s bard telling stories, and you end up hanging out with them to get information. Play to your race’s natural interest in new things, and your rogue will become a party favorite.

Do make sure to add some of your own ideas into your character’s backstory; you might be curious, but you should be oh-so-much more! Did your hometown follow Tabaxi rituals? What made you want to explore the world? Did you learn how to be a rogue from fellow Tabaxi? These can all help yourself decide how your character may act, and help the GM figure out potential future encounters!

This is a fantastic race-to-class combo, and we highly recommend trying it out sometime! Want another idea for a build? Check out our Kenku Warlock build guide!

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