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sea elf 5e

One of the best parts of the Adventurer’s Guide to Wildemount is the deep dive into new subraces. The book paints an interesting picture of all of the denizens of Wildemount. That said, the book pays special attention to the Elven race. In addition to the Pallid Elf, this guide also introduces us to the Sea Elf. Learn all about these reclusive aquatic creatures in our Sea Elf 5E Guide.

Sea Elf 5E Guide

I am always down for extra flavor in my D&D. While I’m not sure water-breathing elves was ever on my radar, they offer an interesting option that is unique to the game.

That said, it would take a pretty strong roleplaying hook to make this subrace make sense away from the Menagerie Coast. While they have a lot of advantages in and around water, there are few mechanical reasons to play this race elsewhere.


While Elves have returned to Wildemount in full force, most of the world is inhabited with subraces that are familiar to other D&D settings. In the small corner of the Menagerie Coast however, there are two unique and rarely seen subraces. The Sea Elf is one of those subraces.

Sea Elves are reclusive and distrust most land-dwelling civilizations. This is true even for other breeds of elves. While able to breathe on land, these elves typically live underwater and are more likely to ally with merpeople than any of the “boat-riders” that live above the waves. While uncommon, Sea Elves have been known to wander the world in pursuit of wealth or a greater good.

Sea Elf 5E Traits

Compared to some of the other subraces in WIldemount, I find the Sea Elf a bit of a letdown. Sure, everything makes sense. These are all logical additions that work well with each other. However, unlike the Pallid Elf that enjoys two big, unique traits, the Sea Elf gets a smattering of smaller options that don’t add up to anything groundbreaking. In a

Ability Score Increase

Like all elven subraces, these elves receive a +2 to dexterity and an additional bonus depending on the subrace For sea elves, that bonus is a +1 to constitution. The ability score increase combining racial and subracial bonuses are:

  • +2 Dexterity
  • +1 Constitution

Sea Elf Training

Due to their connection with the sea, these elves enjoy special training and skills. Sea elves are proficient with the spear, net, light crossbow, and trident. Furthermore, they can read, write, and speak Aquan.

Child of the Sea

Strong swimmers, these elves are given a swimming speed of 30 feet. As a point of reference, the swimming speed for a shark is 40 feet. This trait also allows breathing both air and water. The benefits here are obvious, especially with water-based adventures.

Friend of the Sea

The most interesting aspect of the Sea Elves is Friend of the Sea. By way of rudimentary hand signals or sounds, these elves can communicate basic ideas to any swimming creature. If the creature has a swimming speed listed in its traits, it will get the gist of what the elf is trying to communicate.

While interesting, its use is limited. It only works with beasts, meaning it is impossible to use it with other players. Likewise, you might be able to communicate with a beast, but you cannot control it. The shark barreling at you might understand your character’s pleas not to be eaten, but the shark might not care.

Concluding our Sea Elf 5E Guide

And that’s a wrap! Altogether we find this subrace a mixed bag, but it could be fun in the right setting. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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