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ranger cantrips 5e

In 5E, cantrips have become fairly indispensable. For sorcerers and warlocks, surviving without these spells could be a challenge. Rangers have a variety of other options, however. Our Ranger Cantrips 5E Guide explains why rangers cannot use cantrips in the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

Does a Ranger have Cantrips in 5E?

Rangers do not get cantrips in 5e. Along with paladins, they are the only class that cannot use them. They have other options to make up for it, however. This includes access to ranger spells in 5E that are higher in level than a cantrip.

How do Rangers Make up for the Lack of Cantrips?

Unlike the other spellcasting classes, your Ranger will gain one of five archetypes by level three. An archetype is a type of Ranger that your character chooses to emulate during the campaign. The archetype has a huge advantage over a cantrip because you do not have to use an action to take advantage of their abilities; the abilities granted by your archetype is always action. Each archetype will learn its additional skills at various levels; the archetypes are not symmetrical when it comes to ability scaling.

In no particular order, I will go over all five of the Ranger’s archetypes with you. I will not go into detail about all of the abilities you will learn; instead, I will briefly describe how each archetype will affect your campaign.


The Beastmaster is all about the interaction you have with your new-found bestial companion. You will have several options to pick from, so make sure you read up on all of them before you pick out a random cool companion. The abilities you learn will give you and your companion an extra attack and some shared bonus stats.

Gloom Stalker

The Gloom Stalker is best used in combat and for spelunking; exploring deep, dark saves that seem to go on forever. In fact, almost everything the Gloom Stalker does will require a dark space to take advantage of their abilities, which makes them the best nighttime travel companion. You can send your Gloom Stalking buddy forward to scope out the enemies before deciding what to do from there.

Horizon Walker

The Horizon Walker is best used to travel between planes and teleportation – allowing them to get around faster than any other character in the game. Your Magic provides you with all of the buffs your attacks will need while your active abilities will give you all of the free reign to move wherever you want.


The Hunter is a defensive stalwart, as their abilities are focused on preserving your character. These abilities can range from getting free attacks, to freely dodging out of your opponent’s aim and reducing the effectiveness of your opponent’s successful hits.

Monster Slayer

The Monster Slayer is much more focused on damaging your enemies. Your spells are pretty situational; but the situations that they are good at will really matter! Good thing they automatically come with the kit instead of having to learn them. Your additional abilities will do the heavy killing, as they will make sure you do not miss your mark.

Nerds and Scoundrels Ranger Cantrips 5E Guide

That concludes or Ranger Cantrips 5E guide. Questions? Thoughts? Hit us up in the comment section. For more DnD content, check out our Bard Cantrips 5E Guide!

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