Kingdom Hearts 3 All Synthesis Recipes List

Kingdom Hearts 3 Synthesis Recipes

While crafting doesn’t play as large of a role in Kingdom Hearts 3 as it does in other RPGs, it still plays a role in the series. The crafting system is known as item synthesis, and it has been a part of the Kingdom Hearts series from the beginning. Need a hand with crafting an item? Nerds and Scoundrels has the full list of synthesis recipes right here! Keep reading for the full Kingdom Hearts 3 Synthesis Recipes List.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Synthesis Recipes

To craft items in Kingdom Hearts 3, you will need to “synthesize” them from materials you collect throughout the game world. These Synthesis Materials are dropped by bosses and powerful underlings when you beat them. You can also unlock them by discovering treasure chests throughout the game world.

How to Synthesize Materials in Kingdom Hearts 3 – Synthesizing Guide

You will need to travel to the nearest Moogle Shop to synthesize an item. There are many of these throughout the game world, and any will do.

To synthesize, you will need all the required materials for a specific item. You will also need enough of the in-game currency, Munny. The amount of Munny needed depends on what you are crafting.

Synthesis Item Recipe List


Mega PotionLucid Shard × 3
Soothing Shard ×3
Pulsing Shard ×3
Hungry Stone ×1
EtherWellspring Shard ×2
Lightning Shard ×2
Writhing Shard ×2
Hi-EtherWellspring Stone ×3
Lightning Stone ×3
Writhing Stone ×3
Hungry Shard ×1
Mega EtherWellspring Stone ×3
Lightning Stone ×3
Writhing Stone ×3
Hungry Gem ×1
Force RecoverBlazing Shard ×3
Lightning Shard ×3
Lucid Shard ×3
Hungry Shard ×1
Large Force RecoverBlazing Stone ×3
Lightning Stone ×3
Lucid Stone ×3
Hungry Stone ×1
Strength BoostWellspring Gem ×5
Soothing Crystal ×2
Pulsing Crystal ×2
Writhing Crystal ×2
Hungry Crystal ×1
Magic BoostWellspring Gem ×5
Blazing Crystal ×2
Frost Crystal ×2
Lightning Crystal ×2
Hungry Crystal ×1
Defense BoostWellspring Gem ×5
Lucid Crystal ×2
Twilight Crystal ×2
Sinister Gem ×2
Hungry Crystal ×1
AP BoostWellspring Stone ×3
Betwixt Shard ×3
Twilight Shard ×3
Hungry Stone ×1
Hungry Shard ×2


Warhammer +Mythril Stone ×2
Fluorite ×1
Pulsing Gem ×1
Hungry Shard ×1
Clockwork Shield +Mythril Stone ×2
Fluorite ×1
Lucid Gem ×1
Hungry Shard ×1


Fire BangleMythril Shard ×3
Blazing Stone ×2
Blazing Shard ×5
Fira BangleMythril Stone ×3
Blazing Stone ×2
Blazing Shard ×5
Hungry Shard ×1
Firaga BangleMythril Gem ×3
Blazing Gem ×2
Blazing Stone ×5
Blizzard ChokerMythril Shard ×3
Frost Stone ×2
Frost Shard ×5
Blizzara ChokerMythril Stone ×3
Frost Stone ×2
Frost Shard ×5
Hungry Shard ×1
Blizzaga ChokerMythril Gem ×3
Frost Gem ×2
Frost Stone ×5
Thunder TrinketMythril Shard ×3
Lightning Stone ×2
Lightning Shard ×5
Thundara TrinketMythril Stone ×3
Lightning Stone ×2
Lightning Shard ×5
Hungry Shard ×1
Thundaga TrinketMythril Gem ×3
Lightning Gem ×2
Lightning Stone ×5
Shadow AnkletMythril Shard ×3
Writhing Stone ×2
Writhing Shard ×5
Dark AnkletMythril Stone x3
Writhing Stone x2
Writhing Shard x5
Hungry Shard x1
Chaos AnkletMythril Stone ×3
Writhing Stone ×2
Writhing Shard ×5
Hungry Shard ×1
Midnight AnkletMythril Gem ×3
Writhing Gem ×2
Writhing Stone ×5
Elven BandannaMythril Shard ×3
Soothing Stone ×2
Soothing Shard ×5
Divine BandannaMythril Gem ×3
Soothing Gem ×2
Soothing Stone ×5
Wind FanMythril Shard ×3
Lucid Stone ×2
Lucid Shard ×5
Stormy FanMythril Gem ×3
Lucid Gem ×2
Lucid Stone ×5


Ability Ring +Mythril Shard ×2
Lucid Shard ×6
Technician’s Ring +Mythril Stone ×2
Lucid Stone ×6
Skill Ring +Mythril Gem ×2
Lucid Gem ×6
Phantom Ring +Mythril Crystal ×2
Pulsing Gem ×1
Pulsing Stone ×3
Sorcerer Ring +Mythril Crystal ×2
Sinister Gem ×1
Sinister Stone ×3


Blazing CrystalWellspring Crystal ×1
Blazing Gem ×2
Blazing Stone ×3
Blazing Shard ×5
Frost CrystalWellspring Crystal ×1
Frost Gem ×2
Frost Stone ×3
Frost Shard ×5
Lightning CrystalWellspring Crystal ×1
Lightning Gem ×2
Lightning Stone ×3
Lightning Shard ×5
Lucid CrystalWellspring Crystal ×1
Lucid Gem ×2
Lucid Stone ×3
Lucid Shard ×5
Pulsing CrystalWellspring Crystal ×1
Pulsing Gem ×2
Pulsing Stone ×3
Pulsing Shard ×5
Writhing CrystalWellspring Crystal ×1
Writhing Gem ×2
Writhing Stone ×3
Writhing Shard ×5
Mythril ShardBetwixt Shard ×1
Twilight Shard ×1
Mythril StoneBetwixt Stone ×1
Twilight Stone ×1
Mythril GemBetwixt Gem ×1
Twilight Gem ×1
Soothing CrystalWellspring Crystal ×1
Soothing Gem ×2
Soothing Stone ×3
Soothing Shard ×5

Synthesis Item Collection Rewards

1 Synthesis Recipe CollectedEther
2 Synthesis Recipes CollectedFire Bangle
Sharow Anklet
Ability Ring +
4 Synthesis Recipes CollectedElven Bandanna
Thunder Trinket
Blizzard Choker
6 Synthesis Recipes CollectedMythril Shard
8 Synthesis Recipes CollectedWind Fan
AP Boost
10 Synthesis Recipes CollectedFira Bangle
Thundara Trinket
Blizzara Choker
12 Synthesis Recipes CollectedTechnician’s Ring+
Mega Potion
15 Synthesis Recipes CollectedDark Anklet
Mythril Stone
18 Synthesis Recipes CollectedWarhammer +
Clockwork Shield +
Skill Ring+
20 Synthesis Recipes CollectedFocus Recover
Mega Ether
22 Synthesis Recipes CollectedStrength Boost
Magic Boost
Defense Boost
25 Synthesis Recipes CollectedFiraga Bangle
Brizzaga Choker
Thundaga Trinket
28 Synthesis Recipes CollectedDivine Bandanna
Storm Fan
Midnight Anklet
30 Synthesis Recipes CollectedPulsing Crystal
Blazing Crystal
Frost Crystal
Lightning Crystal
32 Synthesis Recipes CollectedHi-Refocuser
Mythril Gem
Lucid Crystal
Soothing Crystal
35 Synthesis Recipes CollectedPhantom Ring
Sorcerer’s Ring
Writhing Crystal
38 Synthesis Recipes CollectedFiraga Bangle
Blizzaza Choker
Thundaza Trinket
40 Synthesis Recipes CollectedChaos Anklet
42 Synthesis Recipes CollectedAegis Shield +
Astrolabe +
Mythril Crystal
45 Synthesis Recipes CollectedBuster Band
Orichalcum Ring
Wisdom Ring<br< td=””></br<>
48 Synthesis Recipes CollectedHeartless Maul
Nobody Guard
50 Synthesis Recipes CollectedBuster Band +
Acrisius +
52 Synthesis Recipes CollectedHeartless Maul +
Nobody Guard +
55 Synthesis Recipes CollectedSave the Queen
Save the King
Cosmic Chain
58 Synthesis Recipes CollectedUltima Weapon
Save the Queen +
Save the King +
All Synthesis Recipes CollectedOrichal

Nerds and Scoundrels

Kingdom Hearts 3 Synthesis Recipes

And that concludes our Kingdom Hearts 3 Synthesis Recipes List. Did we leave anything out? If so, let us know in the comment section. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our Kingdom Hearts 3 content here at Nerds and Scoundrels.



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