How to Unlock the Astral Chain Lappy Mini Game

Astral Chain Lappy Mini Game

The world of Astral Chain is full of fun things to do aside from just taking down enemies with high-octane action. Whether you’re taking care of you Legions or solving the brother quiz, you can find plenty to do. But there is even more than meets the eye with a mini game hidden by the game’s director.

How to Unlock the Astral ChainLappy Mini Game

The newest installment for PlatinumGames features a secret, 16-bit mini game called Lappy Balloon. The secret mini game features a cute police dog from Astral Chains police department. Nintendo teased the secret mini game on Twitter before the release of Astral Chain itself and got fans interested in the colorful game.

Unlocking and playing the mini game was a secret until players got their hands on the game. To gain access to the charming game you’ll need to find Marie in the locker room and talk to her. She will tell you that Lappy is getting his very own game. After telling you more and more about the game Marie will mention that she’s looking for people to test the Lappy game. From there Astral Chain will prompt you to play the mini game and all you need to do is say “Yes” to play it. If you want to play it another time or later on just go up to Marie in the locker room again and she will ask if you want to test the game.

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