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how to cure lycanthropy 5E

The Curse of Lycanthropy is a pseudo-disease whose roots far surpass Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. From monster stories, to faerie tales, the Werewolf is a creature designed to frighten and capture the minds of those who hear it. In 5E, these monsters are a force to be reckoned with. They’re immune to non-magical, non-silver weapons, have pinpoint smell, and hit real hard. But, even if a PC wants to become such a durable monster…. Lycanthropes are inherently malicious and evil. What if a player wishes to fight off lycanthropy? Get the scoop with our How To Cure Lycanthropy 5E Guide.

How to Cure Lycanthropy 5E

D&D 5E is notoriously open to allowing GMs to change rules as needed. If you wish to know for certain how you can return to pure humanity, be sure to talk with your DM.

The most obvious message given to players is that lycanthropy is a curse. The Remove Curse spell is a 3rd level spell available to a significant amount of spellcasters. Since the Werewolf is a CR 3 monster, it won’t take you too long to gain access to a source of Remove Curse. In addition, stronger spells like Greater Restoration can get rid of the effect.

However, if your character was born a lycanthrope, or wishes to cure a natural werewolf, you’re looking at a significantly harder spell to cast; Wish. You’ll need to cast a 9th level spell to rid a natural-born lycanthrope of their curse.

Are There Any Other Potential Ways?

The DM has the final say on curing lycanthropy. Perhaps, in their world, Lycanthropy can be cured by eating the plant Belladonna. Then, maybe your party must quest to find the Belladonna plant before you turn. Maybe DMs find the rule that a naturally born lycanthrope can be cured with Remove Curse. It’s usually up to them!

But, what happens in the worst-case scenario; in their world, Lycanthropy can’t be removed? It’s not the end of the world. A player can resist the curse of lycanthropy seemingly indefinitely by the base rules. That could mean you never transform (except in obvious circumstances, such as the Full Moon). You then still have access to crazy strong damage resistances and some decent senses… And don’t really take that many penalties, as long as you attempt to resist.

Hopefully, your DM will not give you lycanthropy without a way to let you out, if necessary. And you might want a way out, since lycanthropy can lead to bad, bad situations if handled poorly!

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Wrapping Up Lycanthropy

This legendary disease also happens to be left heavily in the arms of your kind DM. In most cases, your DM will be fine with the basic Remove Curse rules. Be ready for changes, however! 5E is a world full of potential.

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