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half orc names 5e

Half-Orcs, similar to Half-Elves, is a Player’s Handbook race stuck between two worlds. Unlike Half-Elves, Half-Orcs are much less loved. They keep the grey skin of their orcish forebearers, as well as their jaw, prominent teeth, and large build. Many of them have battle scars or proof of past wounds; Half-Orcs have the blood of the orcs and the ambitions of a human, and it shows in much of their choices as workers and adventurers. What are these stuck-in-the-rut people names after? Find out, in our Half Orc Names Guide!

Half Orc Names 5E Guide

Half-Orcs are one of the best strongmen out there. It can be tempting to just call one “Gorg” and call it a day. However, a Half-Orc’s life is full of disappointment and inconsistency, and thus they should heavily consider why they have their name. Consider taking a bit of time to think about your Half-Orc’s upbringing before turning to a name generator.

How Are Half-Orcs Named?

Half-Orcs are brought up either by orcs or humans. An orcish Half-Orc may use their battle scars as a weapon in negotiation, or hide their whip marks with shame. A human Half-Orc may feel required to stand tall and brawny amongst their peers, as a sign of their usefulness. Or, they might feel completely out-of-place among their pale, shorter, smaller peers.

Those closer to neutrality or even evil may hear the orcish god Gruumsh. This being whispers in their ear, nearly begging them to feel the rage within. It is up to the Half-Orc to accept the evil god’s whims, or fight it off, shivering with loathing.

While not all Half-Orcs are evil, nor are they quick to anger, they all feel intense emotions. Orcish blood runs hot within them, and their personalities are always boisterous. Sadness crushes their spirit, anger burns their entire body, happiness encourages them to dance and celebrate joyously.

Thus, people who despise orcs will find Half-Orcs to be threatening, just by their personality. And those who love humans will find Half-Orcs to be even more entertaining, interesting, and loyal… Given the right situation.

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Examples of Half-Orc Names

Half-Orcs are typically built up – or brought down – by their culture. Their names should be appropriate for their personality. For example, a Half-Orc who escapes an orc war camp might introduce themselves by a human name. Or, a Half-Orc who was born a “Lao” might consider changing it to an orc name, to become a more intimidating bodyguard.

Male Half-Orc Names

  • Dench
  • Feng
  • Gell
  • Grung
  • Henk
  • Holg
  • Helfut
  • Imsh
  • Keth
  • Kishig
  • Kironchu
  • Krusk
  • Maforgul
  • Mhurren
  • Ront
  • Shump
  • Thokk

Female Half-Orc Names

  • Baggi
  • Bin
  • Emen
  • Engong
  • Kansif
  • Myev
  • Nifong
  • Nuki
  • Neega
  • Ovak
  • Ownka
  • Puyatir
  • Shautha
  • Vola
  • Vangesh
  • Volen
  • Yevelda

Half-Orcs are vague in a way that lets you build them as needed. The battle against Gruumsh isn’t really needed to make your character interesting. But, it does offer a window into how an Orc may act when separated from their evil society.

Thanks for reading our guide! If you want more advice about how to make your Half-Orc, Half-Orcs are a great fit for the Fighter class in 5E, and make sure you know how much gold you start with!

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