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The Half-Elf is by far the most culturally diverse Player’s Handbook race. Born to a human and an elf (or a half-elf), Half-Elves are naturally split between two worlds. They have the elf’s pointed ears, the human’s build, and a mix of both traits. While they have these qualities, their link to both cultures cause them to become natural diplomats. That means, when they introduce themselves, they better have a name that’s important. Find out what your Half-Elf’s name could be through our Half Elf Names Guide!

How to Name Your Next Half Elven D&D Character

The Half-Elf is one of the most versatile and complex races out there. That makes them pretty hard to name, in general! But, if you’re going to be the party’s primary diplomat, it’s better to have a name that fits your character the best it can.

How Are Half-Elves Named?

The culture of the Half-Elf relies almost entirely on what culture the Half-Elf grows up in. Humans adore half-elves, finding them to be extremely adept storytellers and experienced travelers. Half-Elves almost fear human interaction, however; humans grow old much faster than Half-Elves, so making human friends is almost destined to break their hearts.

Elves find Half-Elves to be almost as naive as humans. Half-Elves in elven society grow old as their peers stay children. Elven schooling is extremely slow-paced and awkward for an adult. For these reasons, Elves tend to be less welcoming than humans to their half-blooded offspring.

Therefore, Half-Elves tend to split off and form their own communities; nobody knows what being a Half-Elf is like better than each other! If not forming small pocket communities, Half-Elves tend to wander. They could become foresters, thanks to their elven heritage. Or they could become adventurers, driven by their human curiosity for the unknown. Or, due to their natural charisma from being stuck between two races, they might become diplomats, politicians, or swindlers. 

Do Half-Elves Have Last Names?

Half Elves are generally named using the conventions of the community they were raised in. That is the case for last names as well. A half-elf raised among humans is likely to have a human surname. When they are raised among elves, they could have an elven family name or simply go by a single name.

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What Are Good Half-Elf Names?

Half-Elves tend to take the names of either elves or humans. Hilariously, humans that raise half-elves give them elf names, and elven-raised half-elves take human names. That could mean the same Half-Elf raised in two different societies could be named Bor… or Mindartis.

Male Half-Elf Names

  • Aseir
  • Beiro
  • Kosef
  • Laucian
  • Malark
  • Quarion
  • Tharivol
  • Umbero

Female Half-Elf Names

  • Anastrianna
  • Bersk
  • Enna
  • Ielenia
  • Nephis
  • Olga
  • Seipora
  • Thia

Admittedly, this doesn’t tell the full story of a Half-Elf. If you’re a Half-Elf, you’ve likely grown to either disdain your elven heritage for it’s slow growing, haughty attitude… or fear your human one, as it is so much closer to mortality. And each side of your race is suspicious of you, making you a bad messenger between elves and humans.

As such, a Half-Elf should probably change their name multiple times throughout their life. Perhaps they found a halfling society to be warm and charming and adapt their name to that culture. Or, if they kept their original name, they might speak it with a certain tone, or prefer a nickname.

Very few Half-Elves grow up in a society where they do not feel the effects of their other half. But, Half-Elves born to other Half-Elves might feel completely comfortable. And this is not to say that a Half-Elf’s parents must hate each other, and the Half-Elf must feel like an outsider. But… it would be fairly typical for an adventurer, would it not?

If you’re making an adventurer yourself, Half-Elves are a great fit for the sorcerer class! Then you might want to check out how your 5e ability scores are going to work!

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