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ffxiv the pinnacle of possibility

Thank goodness Square Enix keeps supporting the Hand and Land! In patch 5.45 of Shadowbringers, the crafting and gathering classes got a little bit more love! The Pinnacle of Possibility is a quest that’s actually required for your continuing the Ishgardian Restoration. If you’re at all interested in improving any (and all) of the tools you have, you should get on this soon! Our FFXIV The Pinnacle of Possibility guide will help you improve your crafting or gathering skills!

FFXIV The Pinnacle of Possibility

In order to get to this point, you’ll need to finish Oddness in the End. You’ll have some quests to do to get to here, but they’re all part of the same questline. Just follow the group of Ishgardian Restoration NPCs as they get more and more quests for you. Once you’ve completed Oddness in the End, you’ll be able to start farming this.

In order to get your upgraded tools, you’ll need to get the Skysung version of them. The Skysung versions of the quest are acquired in The Tools of Tomorrow. You can farm that quest to get whatever tools you desire, but you’ll need to have those tools in your inventory for The Pinnacle of Possibility.

Once you have your tool, you’ll also need Oddly Delicate Parts, referencing the tool you’re upgrading. If you’re a Botanist, you’ll need 25 Inconceivably Delicate Hatchet Parts. If you’re a Miner, you’ll need 25 Inconceivably Delicate Pickaxe Parts. And if you’re a Fisher, you’ll need 200 Oddly Delicate Fishing Reel Parts.

You get the basic Oddly Delicate parts from the Spanner in the Skysteel Workshop. To get them, you’ll need to gather or craft level 80 items. Each Oddly Delicate Part requires a different item to work;

  • Alembic: Oddly Delicate Holy Water
  • Cross-pein: Oddly Delicate Silver Gear
  • Fishing Rod: Flintstrike
  • Fishing Reel: Pickled Pom
  • Frypan: Oddly Delicate Shark Oil
  • Hatchet: Oddly Delicate Feather
  • Inconceivable Hatchet: Oddly Delicate Birtch Log
  • Lapidary Hammer: Oddly Delicate Celestine
  • Needle: Oddly Delicate Rhea Cloth
  • Pickaxe: Oddly Delicate Adamantite Ore
  • Inconceivable Pickaxe: Oddly Delicate Raw Jade
  • Raising Hammer: Oddly Delicate Wolfram Square
  • Round Knife: Oddly Delicate Gazelle Leather
  • Saw: Oddly Delicate Pine Lumber

Once you have enough of these materials traded into the Spanner, you can trade with Emeny to get the  Skybuilders’ tools. These are really strong tools, and are super useful! Get them ASAP!

You can repeat this quest for as many tools as you’d like.

Doing it once unlocks the Greater Heights quest. So you must do this quest once in order to unlock the rest of the Ishgardian Restoration quests.

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