FFXIV Oddness in the End | Complete Quest Guide

ffxiv oddness in the end

Are you wondering about the importance of the Oddness in the End quest? Wondering if it’s important to the restoration of Ishgard or not? Well, don’t fret! This is one of the transitory quests between your Hand and Land classes, in order to give them power like they’ve never had before. So, if you’re looking to continue to improve your crafting and gathering classes, then you’re in the right place. Our FFXIV Oddness in the End guide will tell you what you need to do to get towards your Skybuilders’ items!

FFXIV Oddness in the End

In order to unlock Oddness in the End, you’ll need to complete The Tools of Tomorrow.. This is the end of the Ishgardian Restoration questline from the 5.35, so if you’re up to date on the Restoration you’ve already done this.

Check your armor chest, inventory, or wherever you keep your tools. If you have the Skysung tool set, then you’ve completed the Tools of Tomorrow quest, and Oddness in the End should have unlocked. If you don’t have the Skysung tools, then you must start working your way towards that point. Head to Foundation and look for Nimie and the gang if you haven’t gotten to that point yet!

Oddness doesn’t require any significant effort. Head to Foundation (x: 8, y: 10.7). Neillemard should have the quest for you, the quest being to listen to Neillemard talk about how he wants to improve your tools. The TL:DR of the story is that Neillemard, Emeny, and Joellie are working together to find out how to make your tools as good as possible. They introduce you to the Spanner and guide you through what you’re gonna have to do in the near future.

Once you’ve talked with everyone you need to, you’ll gain access to The Pinnacle of Possibility, the quest to get the Skybuilders’ tools. This is near the top of what you can do for the Ishgardian Restoration as of 5.45. That’s awesome, great work! I hope your Skybuilders’ stuff doesn’t take too long!

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