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Eladrin are strange creatures, starting as a monster and becoming a player character. Introduced in Mordekainen’s Tome of Foes, Eladrin are elves that are perfectly in tune with the seasons. They come in the flavor of each season. The season determines their mood, demeanor, and even appearance; Autumn is peaceful and calm, Winter is contemplative and dolor, Spring is cheerful and energetic, Summer is bold and aggressive. What fascinating, natural creatures! Check out our Eladrin Names guide to figure out what changes from their elf peers.

Eladrin Names 5E Guide

Eladrin are slightly different from elves. Originating from the Feywild, Eladrin are much more spontaneous and nature-bound. Eladrin are also significantly more fluid personality-wise; it’s not uncommon for Eladrin to wish to be called different things in their seasons. Random generation could work, but you’re going to want to at least consider your natural allegiances first.

How Do You Name Eladrin?

As members of the Feywild, Eladrin take some elements of the fey and some of the Elves. Eladrin are still slender and graceful, but are even more detached from society. They still have trade, but it’s almost exclusively between natural creatures or elves. They don’t have the experience or society to deal with outsiders in a positive way.

Eladrin are locked to the four seasons, and thus their emotions are much more predictable than most fey. However, after sleeping, an eladrin can change their season, naturally or otherwise. This allows for Eladrin to have four distinct states.

Autumn eladrin are passionate and caring. Natural healers, autumn-attuned eladrin make great friends with Halflings. They love meals, sharing, and trust others excessively.

Winter eladrin are cold and distant. They are pessimistic, and thus are likely to be spies, negotiators, or advisors. Other eladrin dislike their death-focused attitude, but it can save lives during particularly hard times.

Spring eladrin are extremely happy; they almost have ADHD. A spring eladrin without a smile on their face must be mind-controlled or something, because they believe every day is the best day of their life. A Spring eladrin is singing, dancing, and drinking their life away.

Summer eladrin are stubborn and fierce. They are not necessarily violent, but they want to overwhelm others through bold emotion. Summer eladrin tend to be leaders in their communities, since they are the most likely to take initiative. They are, however, quick to anger, and thus don’t speak for all eladrin.

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Examples of Eladrin Names

Since Eladrin are fey, their names tend to be more natural and extravagant than standard elf names. Eladrin see names slightly differently than elves, thanks to their season-oriented style. They still accept family names, and likely have nicknames from childhood. They may keep their childhood names longer, however, or ask other outsiders to call them by that nickname.


  • Fili
  • Inni
  • Pie
  • Summa
  • Taelaef

Male Eladrin Names

  • Bentus
  • Galiess
  • Irahorn
  • Javan
  • Brannis
  • Xandan
  • Lieaf
  • Quarie
  • Wiefin

Female Eladrin Names

  • Automn
  • Birel
  • Ulqis
  • Beneth
  • Vaxis
  • Quezane
  • Gruvara
  • Lia
  • Shava
  • Thia

Family Names

  • Galanodel (Moonwhisper)
  • Meliamne (Oakenheel)
  • Siannodel (Moonbrook)
  • Amastacia (Starflower)

And that wraps up Eladrin names! They’re super wild, so feel free to spread out their names. And consider even taking 4 names, if their connection to seasons are important to them! Eladrin make for absolutely crazy Bards and Warlocks.

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