Dragonlance New Subclasses: What are the New Options?

Any time a new D&D setting drops, there is a rush to learn more about the new player options available. Magic items and spells are fun, but for many, the real excitement is delving into new subclasses. So are there new subclasses in Dragonlance? WOTC has only released one new option, but you can learn about it with our Dragonlance New Subclasses Guide!

Dragonlance New Subclasses Guide

dragonlance new subclasses

There is only one new subclass available with Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen. That is the Lunar Sorcerer.

Lunar Sorcerer

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The Lunar Sorcerer is a great thematic fit for the world of Krynn. The world has three moons, which are deeply connected to the magic of the world as well as its deities. This caster gained magical abilities after exposure to the concentrated magic of the moons.

Lunary Sorcery offers some options for its spells. In total, there are three lists of spells representing Full Moon, New Moon, and Cresent Moon. At the end of a long rest, you pick a phase of the moon and gain the corresponding spells. You can cast the first-level spell once per day without a spell slot and the others do not count against your known spells limit. Full Moon spells focus on defense and healing. New Moon spells are focused on damage and control. Finally, Cresent Moon spells offer utility and illusion.

The features are a mixed bag. At level 1, you get sacred flame as an additional cantrip and can add a second target if they are in five feet of the first. Essentially, radiant damage acid splash. That’s not a lot, but the extra spells are the selling point at level one.

At level 6, your choice of moon phase impacts the cost of your metamagic. If you cast a spell that corresponds with your current selected moon phase, the metamagic cost is reduced by one. This is a clever mechanic that will take some planning to get the most out of. At this level you can also use a sorcery point to change your moon phase.

At higher levels you get a wide range of benefits depending on your chosen moon phase. these include damage resistances, emitting light, and advantage on checks. At the highest level, you can emit gloomy moonlight that damages opponents nearby.

What Other Subclasses Work in Dragonlance?

Of course, this question is best left to your DM. However, any officially published subclass could be an excellent fit here. One class that stands out as appropriate for this setting that might not fit in others is the artificer class. Tinkering gnomes are a big part of the story of Dragonlance, so it makes sense to rely on these options that are primarily linked to Eberron.

Dragonlance is a high fantasy setting, which means you can make the most of spellcasting classes as well. While most casters will be funnelled towards the High Wizards, there are plenty of other paths. In any case, you can easily fit any full caster class into a Dragonlance campaign.


That wraps up our review of the new subclasses in Dragonlance. While WOTC only provided one new entry this time, it is an interesting option that fits well within the theme.

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