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Centaurs have an… interesting relationship with 5E’s Forgotten Realms. In traditional campaigns, Centaur are only enemy creatures. If you’d like to play these half-horse, half-humans, you’d need to get the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica or the Mythic Odysseys of Theros. Centaurs are not too different between the books – tall, large, creatures with the body and legs of a horse, but with it’s head replaced with the upper body of a human. Since we have two worlds to commit to, our Centaur Names guide will give you the best of the sources, and try and make this race work in the Forgotten Realms.

Centaur Names 5E Guide

No matter where your centaur originates from, they come with a rich history and a loving family dynamic. That makes names all the more critical since the name of a centaur is critical to the culture it originates from.

In our opinion, the Ravnica Centaurs are more readily accessible for Forgotten Realms campaigns. They’re more generic, with a bit less strict history attached to them.

How To Come Up With Centaur Names

In Ravnica, Centaurs are wild and free animals. They always find time for celebration, as they are intrinsically connected to nature. Life and nature’s beauty are all the reasons they need to get excited and, occasionally, drunk. They are also traditionalists. The holidays of their gods are for preserving history, and their connection to natural forces allows them to be in-touch with wild animals. Centaurs are often seen running alongside herds of buffalo or deer, and their horse-like bodies reflect equines native to their regions.

Likewise, Centaurs are social creatures. They have a deep connection with their clan, in a natural way. This connection causes Ravnican centaurs to often join the same guilds as other centaurs. In Theros, centaurs are separated into 2 clans. Lagonna centaurs are merchants and travelers, marching from city to city in promotion of trade and wares. They share warriors amongst each other, as most Lagonna centaurs trust that the koletra have the blood of legendary heroes.

Pheres centaurs are more naturally warriors. They are brutal and greedy, but also cunning and strategic. They are voluntary groups, rather than the family of the Lagonna, but share the Lagonna’s love for each other. These centaurs are more naturally affiliated, and take down threats to nature in ways similar to how they take down merchant carts.

Both groups have those who ride solo, likely either due to wanderlust or a curiosity. Lagonna centaurs almost always try adventuring for a short amount of time, while Pheres centaurs normally have a more extreme reason to break from their pack.

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Examples of Centaur Names

Ravnican centaur names come almost exclusively from legends and family lines. Recently deceased family members have their names given to foals almost right away – preserving the spirits of the recently dead is an important aspect of the Centaur. Rather than having last names, they tattoo or wear symbols of their family as totems of their past.

Theros centaurs are different. Lagonna centaurs borrow short, 3-4 syllable names from cultures they visit. Spheres centaurs have 2-3 syllable names, often with an honorific in Common afterwards.

Male Centaur Names

  • Aughus
  • Bonmod
  • Chodi
  • Dririos
  • Eno
  • Kozim
  • Orval
  • Skelor
  • Tomis
  • Yarog

Female Centaur Names

  • Bido
  • Dunja
  • Galisnya
  • Honotia
  • Kotyali
  • Meloe
  • Mira
  • Pinya
  • Raisya
  • Saya
  • Tatna

If you’re making a centaur, make sure you understand how awkward it is to ride a horse in a dungeon! If you’re fine with that, Centaurs are awesome Fighters and Barbarians. Make sure you spend some starting gold on barding.

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