Broken 5E Builds | Some of the Most Overpowered Builds in D&D

broken 5e builds

D&D 5E was not well-balanced around the concept of multiclassing. That’s fine, since it leads to some absolutely hilarious build possibilities! If you’re tired of a hard DM, or wanting to do some ridiculous damage without too much effort, we have a few builds that might work well for you! These are pretty infamous, and most of them are really simple to do. Only one of them requires you to be past level 10! Without further ado, here are 5 Broken 5E Builds that are allowed in the game.

Some Broken 5E Builds

As a word of warning, these builds should be brought up to your DM before play. These will sometimes abuse mechanics of the game and that can be legitimately unfun for your party members and DM. However, if your party likes these kinds of crazy builds, then you have a recipe for some shenanigans!

Silly AC – Warforged Cleric

A Warforged Forge cleric has problematically high AC. Warforged gain a +1 to AC from Integrated Armor. Forge Clerics gain +1 to AC with Blessing from the Forge. At level 6, you gain a permanent +1 to AC while in Heavy Armor. That’s +3 to AC from class alone! If you wanted to, you could multiclass two levels into Fighter or Ranger to gain yet another +1 to AC, for a +4 to AC (without magic armor).

However, the most impressive part of this build is it’s level 1 AC. With chain mail and a shield, you get 20 AC base. Clerics also get magic that can boost AC (like Shield of Faith). So, that’s a total of 22 AC, forcing low level characters to roll 19s or 20s to hit you. And then you can just heal it back up!

And if you decide to go Fighter/Ranger or 6 levels in the Forge, you get 2 more AC, on top of your enchantments! That’s one of the few ways to keep building AC, and you can get Action Surge or Ranger Spells to help compliment your build.

Roadburn – Grapple Druid/Rogue

This one is kinda just fun. You need 10 levels in Druid and 2 levels in Rogue. You’re a Circle of the Moon Druid, and you cast Longstrider and Spike Growth. Longstrider gives you more movement speed, and Spike Growth deals guaranteed damage when you move someone. Become an Air Elemental, grapple someone, and drag them along your spike growth for 20d4 guaranteed damage against something that fails an athletics check. That’s right; they can’t even Legendary Saving Throw out of this!

Rogue gives you two gigantic benefits; Expertise for Athletics (to double your modifier), and Cunning Action (so you can Dash as a bonus action). Now, when the target fails their Athletics check? 40d4. And they’re stuck.

Wanna do some more damage? Have someone give you Haste. Have someone caste Enlarge on you. Now you can grab gigantic things, and deal 60d4 damage! That’s awesome!

I’m not going to pretend this is perfect, and it’s the last build on this list that is legitimately “fine”. It’s by far the best use of Grapple, and doesn’t have much feat requirements or anything.

The Best Berries – Life Cleric with Goodberry

So, this one’s a little tricky, and it’s just barely on the cusp of being thrown out of a table; It depends a little bit on your DM. Become a Life Cleric, and find a way to access Goodberry. The best way to do this is Multiclass into Druid, since you’ll only need one level. The Goodberry spell produces 10 berries, each healing 1 HP. That’s not a very impressive spell by themselves… but with Life Cleric, each berry heals another 3. That’s 4 HP per berry. Which is… ridiculous. Jam 10 berries down someone’s throat at level 2 and suddenly they’re healed for 40. That’s like a tiny little Heal spell!

However, as good as this is… it’s just healing. Healing for 40 with a first level spell slot, admittedly, so it can be annoying if you have a squishy Rogue or Monk who deals dumb damage that you keep alive easily.

The Coffeelock – Warlock/Sorcerer

This is the most infamous build, and for good reason. This is a simple multiclass; both Warlock and Sorcerer use Charisma.

Get two levels in Warlock, giving you the Moon Invocation. You should also take something for Eldritch Blast.

Now, get Divine Soul Sorcerer and level the heck out of that. Greater Restoration stops exhaustion, so you no longer need to rest.

You can transform Warlock Spell slots into Sorcery Points, and then Sorcery Points into Sorcerer spells. And congratulations, you have permanent Sorcerer spell slots as long as you have short rests.

It’s absurd, but if your DM is okay with spellcasters you should be fine… Though your Wizard and Cleric might start feeling a bit bad.

Conclusions – Broken 5E Builds

None of these builds will necessarily destroy a campaign by themselves, but they will make your fellow party members feel a bit bad. Make sure such a build is alright with your party, if they are the type that might be touchy with you going fully into these multiclass possibilities.

And this is by no means a comprehensive list; I didn’t even touch Paladin, which can be ridiculous with Warlock and Fighter alike! These are just a few examples to get your mind running about how cool multiclassing can be in this system… and sometimes, how broken it can be!

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