The Best Gaming Chair Under 200 (2021) | Top Picks + Buyers Guide

best gaming chair under 200

Gaming is great, whether you’re a console fan or a PC gamer. But either way you play, you’ve probably got your own preferred setup for gaming. Whether that’s including a fancy TV to play the newest console exclusives or the high-end and high-performance peripherals for competitive PC gaming. Though there is one really important part of a gaming setup that a lot of people forget about. All gamers need a really good chair to make the most out of their gaming sessions and this can be an issue if you’ve blown all your money on other equipment. But you don’t need to blow hundreds on a fancy new chair to get a great experience. The only issue is figuring out which chair is the right one for you. Let us help with our Best Gaming Chair Under 200 Buying Guide.

Best Gaming Chair Under $200

We’re going to help you out with finding the perfect chair for a fairly low price. Gaming chairs can be pretty expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some fantastic deals on cheaper chairs that offer a similar experience. So we’ve gotten together some of the best chairs you can find online that’ll make your gaming setup even better. Let’s get right into our list.

OFM Essentials Collection Bonded Leather Executive Chair with Arms, in Black (ESS-6010)

We’re starting this list off with this rather simple looking chair, but don’t let that disinterest you. We’ve gone for this OFM black, faux leather swivel chair for a couple of reasons. This chair is going to be more suited for the PC gaming crowd, as it’s designed for an office rather than a gaming setup. Though that doesn’t mean that this chair is bad for gaming at all. In fact, it’s actually really good! If you’re someone who just wants something decent and comfortable, this is a great choice. Even though it doesn’t come with some of the more deluxe features you’d find on some more expensive options, you still get a few nice things here. It’s also pretty light for an office chair of this type, weighing in at 30.6lbs.

This chair is faux leather, as previously stated, which makes it feel pretty good. The material is really comfortable but it may mark and scuff rather easily. So if you live somewhere which might cause an issue in terms of that, just be aware of it. The arms on this chair we’ve chosen are also padded and give you that extra bit of support that you’ll need for those long gaming sessions.

In terms of back support you get a decent amount here, with the backrest reaching up to about the mid to high back. Obviously that’s going to depend on how tall you are, but for a person of average height, you won’t get any head or neck support here. Which can definitely pose an issue for some who need something like that. But overall this is a really good chair, especially for those who are just starting with building their setup. It’s a definite step up from using the chair from your kitchen table.


  • Perfect for Desks
  • Quality Materials
  • Padded Armrests


  • No Headrest
  • Plain

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bonVIVO Easy Lounge Floor Chair

Our next option on this list is for those who tend to game in their living rooms and want something that’s going to be nice and comfy. We’ve gone for this bonVIVO Easy Lounge Floro Chair which probably isn’t something you’d expect but it’s a great option. For PC gamers, this isn’t really a great option since you wouldn’t really be able to use a desk while sitting in this chair. So it’s purely for console gamers, but what do you get out of this chair? Well for those who just want something that they can sit back and relax on it’s fantastic. It’s great even for when you aren’t gaming and just want to have a few moments to relax. Plus it’s really light too, coming in at 12.34lbs.  But it also has a few other benefits too.

So one of the big positives here is that this chair is really easy to put away when not in use. It folds up really nicely or can be laid completely flat, giving you a lot of options in terms of how to use it and where to put it. It’s also pretty easy to clean, the cover is simply zipped on and you can take it off whenever you need to. But there are a few things that this chair isn’t so great for. There’s no headrest or head support here which makes this chair a bit disappointing if that’s something you need. It’s also not great for those who don’t like unconventional ways of sitting, since you’re going to be sitting very close to the floor. But this is still a great option for gamers who want something simple and easy to use in their gaming setups.


  • Comfy
  • Easy to Put Away
  • Easy to Clean


  • No Headrest
  • Unconventional

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OFM Essentials Collection High-Back Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair, in Black

If you’re an avid gamer with an already existing setup, this next option is probably going to seem more familiar to you. We’ve gone for this OFM gaming chair for its fantastic support and more familiar design. This chair is more like the stereotypical looking gaming chair. With the high back support and the wide range of color options. Though this chair still sets itself apart from other options of its kind due to how comfortable it is. A lot of chairs you’ll find online are style over substance, while this is a chair that does both. It’s also surprisingly light for a gaming chair, weighing in at 16lbs. For any PC gamers who are looking to find a chair that’ll give them some great support.

This chair is made out of two materials, a lot of the chair is stitched with leather but most of it is made out of a mesh material. This mesh provides a couple of things with the first being comfort. It’s very soft and should stay that way for a good long while. But the mesh also prevents the chair from getting too warm and allows it to breathe more. Letting you stay cool during some heated gaming moments.

The armrests here are also fully padded and will give you plenty of support. Though disappointingly this chair doesn’t really have a headrest, even though it looks like it would. It technically does have one but those who are taller than 5’6” may not get their desired support. The leather material on this chair can also get scuffed pretty easily too. So all in all this is a fantastic chair for those looking to upgrade, though it still has a few issues that might spoil the experience.


  • Great Style
  • Small
  • Nice Armrests


  • No Headrest
  • Easily Scuffed

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Ace Bayou X Rocker II

Our next option on this list is sort of the deluxe option for console gamers. We’ve gone for this Ace Bayou X Rocker style gaming chair that comes with a lot of neat little features. Again this style of chair isn’t really meant for PC gaming at all so It’s not recommended for that. So, it’s really meant for console gaming and excels at giving you a much more immersive experience. This isn’t really the conventional choice for a lot of people but for those who haven’t had a rocker style chair before, it’s worth looking into. Especially with this chair in particular, which is suited for avid gamers who want to improve their gaming experience. Though be careful since this chair is on the heavier side at 44.1lbs.

First, we’ll get some of the simple stuff out of the way. The lining is made up of leather for the most part, with mesh panels either side of the headrest. The armrests are nice and large and can be flipped back so they’re out of the way. But, they aren’t padded and can be a little uncomfortable after a long session of gaming. The chair is also foldable, which makes storing a little easier.

But the big selling point here is that this chair has built-in speakers. There are speakers built in underneath the mesh panels either side of the headrest. As well as a subwoofer built-in to the back of the chair. You can connect your console or TV using cables or you can use Bluetooth to connect the chair to a device. But if you don’t really care about that functionality, this chair still works great. It’s comfy and offers loads of support for your gaming sessions.


  • Great Support
  • Built-in Speakers
  • Head Support


  • Uncomfortable Armrests
  • Unconventional

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RESPAWN 105 Racing Style Gaming Chair

Our final option on this list is for gamers who want a recognisable gaming chair that looks and feels great. We’ve gone for this Respawn gaming chair for it’s fantastic level of support and it’s great sense of style. If you’re a PC gamer that wants a chair that both looks good and will keep you gaming for longer, this is the one. It’s a lot more like the typical chairs you see most popular streamers and content creators use. With the stylish, colourful trim and the extra little features it has, you can’t really go wrong with this choice. Though this is the heaviest chair on this list at 61.7lbs, so be careful with that.

It’s mostly made out of faux leather material and it’s nice and comfortable. It also gives a ton of support. Helping out with that are the extra cushions that come with it which you can fasten to the lower back and headrest areas of the chair. Allowing you to get extra support exactly where you need it. This chair also has adjustable armrests that can either be raised to allow you to fully rest on them or lowered so that they’re out of the way. While also being allowed to alter the depth of the armrests too. But again the armrests aren’t padded so that could be uncomfortable for some.

You can also adjust the depth of the seat, in case you find that it’s too close to the backrest of the chair.  You can alter most parts of the chair on the fly, giving you the exact comfort you want. This chair also does come in a variety of colours, though they all differ slightly in terms of how they operate, so keep an eye on that. Overall this is a fantastic gaming chair with lots of functionality so that you can get the best gaming experience possible.


  • Fully adjustable
  • Stylish
  • Head Support


  • Uncomfortable Armrests
  • Big and Heavy

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Buying Guide

If you’ve come this far and you still have no idea what gaming chair under 200 you want, don’t worry. In this section we’ll go through some helpful information and a few tips to help you out on this journey.

Get the chair that’s right for you

Now that might sound pretty self explanatory and seem pretty obvious. But it’s something that you should always bear in mind. There’s no point in getting a chair that’s on the cheaper side, but gives you an aching back and sore all over. At that point you would have been better off not getting that chair in the first place.

So when you’re looking around, know exactly what it is you’ll be needing. If you find that your neck aches when playing games for a long time, make sure you get a chair with a headrest. If you find that your arms start to hurt after a while, get adjustable armrests and make sure they have some padding on them. As long as you keep these things in mind when looking for your next gaming chair, you’ll be alright.

Buy the right chair for what you do

Gaming chairs come in all shapes and sizes with all types of gamers in mind. Whether you’re getting a beanbag, office chair, rocking chair or whatever, make sure that it’s going to do what you need it to. For instance, if you’re a PC gamer then you probably don’t want to be sitting on a beanbag when you’re at your desk. But if you’re a console a beanbag is a great option! It all comes down to how you’re expecting to use it so don’t just get the chair that is on top of all of the lists. Find the type of chair that’s right for you.

Pay extra attention to the reviews

Chairs are pretty personal to everyone and different people are going to find different things comfortable. The downside to online shopping is that you can’t test out the chair before you buy it so pay extra careful attention to the reviews. They’re going to be telling you a lot and it’s the only way to really ‘test’ the chair beforehand. But don’t just look at the 5 star reviews, look at every single one and see what everyone is saying. Again, everyone is different and someone might pick up on an issue that another person didn’t notice. Paying extra attention to the reviews is the easiest way to avoid any heartache.

Buyer Tips:

  • Consider the assembly time when buying your next chair. If you aren’t good at DIY or can’t assemble furniture together, don’t get a chair with a lot of parts. Or at least if you do, get someone who can help you out.
  • Pay attention to the materials used in the chair and make sure that they’re of a high quality. Most gaming chairs are of faux leather – sometimes referred to as PU. You can also get some chairs which are made out of real leather but that’s when you start to get the very expensive chairs.
  • If you have friends who do a lot of gaming, ask them what chairs they have and see if you can test them out. If you can get a recommendation from someone you know and trust, it’ll make your buying experience much better.
  • Don’t buy the most expensive chair on the market just because it’s ‘the best’. As we’ve stated before every chair is different and affects each person differently. So do plenty of research and shop around for the chair that suits you.

Verdict – Best Gaming Chair Under 200

That’s the list for The Best Gaming Chair Under 200. We hope our guide helps you get one step closer to your perfect setup. Thanks for reading!

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