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best magic items for rogues 5e

The darkness is your ally as you travel through the world. As a Rogue, your party is relying on you to deal massive burst damage and smooth-talk your way out of any situation. That’s no easy feat, and it is even harder if you don’t know what magic items you can use to aid yourself. But, have no fear; we’ll tell you the Best D&D 5e Rogue Magic Items that the game has to offer, and hopefully help you think of more as you progress through your adventure.

Best Magic Items for Rogues in 5E

Magical items help Rogues in two ways; you either get easier sneak attacks, or you get some magical effects that help the Rogue survive when they are targeted – both in combat, and socially. For those reasons, it’s important to stay on top of your weaponry; get your +1, +2, or +3 Weapon whenever possible to boost your chance to hit!

Other than basic number games, we have a few other things to look into. Such as…

Combat Magic Items

Bag of Tricks (Gray, Rust, Tan)

This non-attuned magical item does work in a fight. By throwing out the object, you can have an ally that you command as a Bonus action to either sneak around, cause a distraction… Or offer you an ally for Sneak Attack in combat! Great for emergencies, and refreshes every day. However, it does feel bad throwing all of those animals to the slaughter.

Luck Blade

Like most classes, the Luck Blade is most likely the weapon you want to gun for at some point. The ability to have a consistent daily reroll is massive. Bringing this weapon out for the reroll quality will allow you to land those really important endgame sneak attacks. Oh, also the Wish spell. That might be handy for a Rogue.

Mantle of Spell Resistance, Cloak of Protection

Put something on your shoulders that makes resisting magic easier. When you dodge your first Dominate Person thanks to these bonuses, you’ll know exactly why these items are so important. You wouldn’t want to Sneak Attack your poor Wizard, would you? Alternatively, if you’re feeling lucky, you can someday replace this with a Ring of Spell Turning to ruin a poor Dragon’s day.


The Oathbow allows you to essentially target a specific enemy; your Sworn enemy. Against that enemy, you always have advantage on attack rolls with this bow, and you deal an extra 3d6 damage to it. It also can’t benefit from cover, at any time. So, this is a sneak attack machine! Just… Make sure you kill the enemy. Otherwise the Oathbow will make your other weapons quite poor. This weapon will still be just fine, at least!

Weapon of Warning

Early on, you’ll want the bonus to Initiative. Going first is so crucial in Dungeons & Dragons, especially since your Sneak Attack can really ruin someone’s life. So, this weapon is perfect for the rogue who wants every fight to be in their favor.

Winged Boots

A boring option, but it’s well-known for a reason. It’s hard to fly without spell slots; this gives the Rogue the option to fly. This vastly improves your mobility, especially since you can Dash as a Bonus Action and fly 60 feet a round. Alternatively, you can get the Wings of Flying to double the fly speed at the cost of more restricted time.

Other Magic Items

Cloak of Elvenkind

best magic items for rogue 5e

A Rogue standard. This cloak allows you to quickly and easily hide from others. One of the best Stealth items, unless you can find advantage on Stealth checks otherwise. Even then, this might still be worth it since enemies have a harder time spotting you; disadvantage on Perception checks greatly decreases the chance of getting spotted by a random crit.

Dust of Disappearance

A consumable item to allow you to disappear. Good emergency invisibility option, since it covers a group of creatures or objects. Being able to direct that invisibility is a great thing for a Rogue; you can cover up documents, hide people in rooms, hide yourself quite easily… The options are plentiful, and no spellcasting required.

Gloves of Thievery

While Rogues don’t necessarily need to be better at lockpicking, an extra 25% chance to just destroy the DC is very nice. And these don’t need attunement! Great for when your Glove slot is empty anyways and you just want to make sure nothing can escape your thieving ways.

Hat of Disguise

Perfect for the Rogue that thinks of everything! Disguising is a very tough thing to do, but it can be even better than Stealth in the right hands. If you have Expertise in Deception, this is for you. Even if you don’t, it might come in handy at times where Stealth wouldn’t work.

Manual of Quickness of Action

magic items for rogue 5e

Hopefully, you’ll be the clear choice for any Dexterity-Increasing manuals you find out in the world. Obviously, being able to have 22 Dexterity is quite amazing for you.

Mastery Ioun Stone

For a Rogue, increasing your proficiency bonus by 1 is absolutely absurd. Not only does this boost your attack rolls by 1, but you double this +1 on your Expertise skills, and you get this bonus to all proficient skills. That’s a ton of value!

Ring of Invisibility

This won’t matter until far into your Rogue’s lifespan. But, invisibility guarantees great stealth rolls and makes it much easier to sneak attack difficult-to-approach enemies.

Robe of Useful Items

You never know when the random patches on your robe might come in handy! As a rogue, you’ll probably be good with making good use out of any of these. The guaranteed items that you get are handy enough, but the random items are where this robe truly shines. Obviously, you don’t have control over that, so plan accordingly.

Conclusion – The Best 5E Magic Items for Rogues

The Rogue makes fantastic use out of many different magical items. It’s such a strong and versatile class! Try to prioritize items that make Sneak Attack better or help you succeed at Skill checks, and your party will be exceptionally happy with you.

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