Bios Ex – Preview

Inspired by Japanese visual novels of the 1990’s, Bios Ex is a psychological mystery inspired by novel/videogames Eve Burst Error and Yu-No. Billing itself as a medium-length interactive novel, the story twists and turns through an asylum setting that appears to only employ voluptuous women. Sound interesting? Keep reading our Bios Ex Preview for more.

Bios Ex Preview

Bios Ex follows the life of Eiza, a young man who wakes up in a cold cell inside Ori Asylum. His memory is gone, except for two important pieces of information: his name, and the fact that he is not a terrorist. Unfortunately, everyone else disagrees with the second part. He has been arrested for a bombing attack at a university. Eiza faces certain execution unless he is declared mentally unstable in the psychiatric hospital. The game lets you carve Eiza’s path through the Asylum where he will attempt to discover the truth about himself and the crime he is accused of. The game apparently has four different endings that are possible.


As an interactive novel, Bios Ex won’t exactly be a high framerate FPS. What it does offer, however, is wonderful artwork and what looks like the potential for deep character development. If you are a fan of interactive fiction, this may be for you. That is especially true if you like the Japanese-inspired artwork.

The Creators

Bios Ex is developed by Gogen Soft, a small team of Italian game developers. The game is reportedly fully funded, but they are in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign seeking funds for some limited voice acting and other goodies. This is actually the second campaign on the site, as the game was previously fully funded in 2018.


Bios Ex might not be for everyone, but we’re suckers for interactive fiction and plan on giving this one a try. The plot has some familiar devices, but all in all seems like a fresh take on “I can’t remember anything and I am accused of a crime.”


There are lots of ways you can find out more about the game, starting with playing the demo on You can also follow along at their Kickstarter page, or on Twitter.

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